10 Most Modern Comfortable Lounge Chairs

Who says modern design has to be uncomfortable? Why settle for a nonfunctional furniture piece that sits unused in your living room? You can keep your home looking trendy and fashionable without sacrificing quality by using these four modern comfortable lounge chairs.

1. Tortuga Chair


Well, isn’t this two scoops of comfort that you can’t wait to get your hands on? The Tortuga Lounge Chair cradles and supports your spine with its high back and overly-cushioned seat.

What’s more, it comes with a pouf to rest your feet on and a side table to hold your drink. I imagine that this is what heaven looks like after a long day at the office.


2. Genuine Italian  leather Lounge Chair 


The Genuine Italian Lounge Chair with Ottoman most definitely deserves its spot on our list of comfortable modern lounge chairs. The walnut finish that makes up the frame is absolutely exquisite, and its Italian leather aniline cushions are more enjoyable than even the softest mattress.

Don’t be fooled by the solid wood frame – the joints of this chair allow for ultimate flexibility to get just the right position.


3. Vivon Foam Lounging Chair



The Vivon, a sturdy foam lounging chair sits fairly low to the floor, is durable, comfortable and firm and the foam holds its shape well; although it’s light enough to move easily, it won’t tip over if you collapse into it after a hard day.

The curved shaped chaise lounge is available in three different colors: black, blue or orange and the removable and washable covers make it easy to clean.


4. V1 Lounge Chair



The V1 Chair, by Ukranian design lab ODESD2, is the ultimate in contemporary multifunctional seating. The chair’s exterior is constructed from lightweight aluminium, with the backing and base covered in felt to absorb sound.

The backing of the chair creates a private nook for the user in any space in which the chair is placed, and a custom inbuilt floating table can be used to hold a laptop computer or a book.


5. Kebo Lounge Chair & Ottoman



The Kebo Lounge Chair is one busy furniture piece. It isn’t just a lounge chair, desk chair and ottoman – it’s also moonlighting as a coffee table. Talk about multifunctional!

The Kebo Lounge Chair is everything to everyone, whether that’s cradling your seat in total comfort or balancing your cup of coffee on its sturdy surface. Did we mention that it comes in the color grey or blue? Choose your favorite and make yourself at home on its plush cushions.


6. Daydream



Daydream is neither lounge chair nor daybed, but instead it is a creation all its own that helps you to free your mind from worry. Its X shape cradles you as you gaze upwards, letting imagination flow with little effort.

Padded cushions sit atop the delicate-looking frame so you can feel comfortable and inspired. Daydream by designer Assaf Israel can be ordered at the Joynout Studio.


7. LowSeat Chaise Lounge Chair



The Lowseat Chaise Lounge Chair by Patricia Urquiola is a timeless chair that embodies the very meaning of comfort. I can’t help but adore the very modern twist the designer put on this classic.

Even better is its ability to connect with complementary pieces from Moroso to form a longer, even more spacious lounger. Its low seat makes it easy to slide into for a quick nap or afternoon snooze.


8. Modern Chaise Lounge Chair




This stylish daybed was modelled on a 1928 original, making it look a little like something Freud would have had in his clinic. The chrome-plated frame moves freely on the base, allowing you to move yourself into the most comfortable position with only your own bodyweight.

The design of the Modern Chaise Lounge Chair is brought up to date with different colored leather covers, including a natural cowhide cover.


9. Lilo Chaise Longue



Lilo Chaise Longue may appear to be all ombre tones and solid wood, but it’s more than that – it’s a fashion statement. This imaginitively-crafted chaise lounge is nothing short of magical. Honestly, have you ever seen anything this unique?

Lilo fits into a variety of décor schemes, but what really gets me excited is the skid-resistant base. Trust me, this is HUGE if you have hardwood floors. Say goodbye to scratches!


10. Odhin Lounge Chair



Everyone needs at least one chair that will last a generation or two. Cheap alternatives just won’t do, and that’s where Odhin comes in. The Odhin Chair is a throne fit for a king (or a Norse god… wink, wink) built from either solid oak or walnut wood.

Luxurious black leather straps hold firm against the test of time and wear, cradling your seat and back as only real leather can. A must-have for your living room or office!


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