11 Multifunctional Space Saving Kids Beds

It’s amazing how fast kids can grow. One of the biggest problems parents run into is when their child outgrows everything they own in a matter of months. This is especially true of younger children. Not to worry!                               These multifunctional kids beds will save you time and money while dressing up your home with elegant modern design.


1. Beanhome Bunk Bed


This stellar bunk bed makes me wish I was a kid again. Bedroom furniture was always so magical, and Beanhome’s Modular Bunk Bed sparks the imagination in a child’s mind. Circular cutouts can become portals on a submarine, and the top bunk can be a tower.

Granted, you’ll probably want all the playtime to go on before bedtime. When it’s not a makeshift castle, the cozy mattresses are the perfect lullaby for sleepy kids.


2. Tree House Loft Bed


Tree houses are a summertime treat, but how can you continue to enjoy them in the winter months? Donco Kids may just have the solution to your child’s winter blues.

Their Tree House Loft Bed lets children play and have fun in their very own tree house… indoors! It’s a safe way to play that’s mere inches off the ground. Even better is the fact that it’s easy to get the kids to go to bed.


3. Twin-Over-Futon Bunk Bed


The Twin-Over-Futon Bunk Bed is perfect for a kid who enjoys sleepovers. The top bed holds a standard twin mattress; the bottom part is a futon, which can be folded up into a comfortable couch or folded down into a double bed.

It comes with all support slats, so there’s no need for an extra box spring to go under the mattress.


4. Oeuf River Twin Bed

Looking at this twin kids bed, would you say that it’s for a boy or girl? You can’t tell, can you? That’s the whole idea! The Oeuf River Twin Bed uses clean lines and neutral colors that allow it to fit in with any décor while maintaining your child’s need for individuality.

A white bench on the end of the bed makes a great bookshelf, display shelf, or a cozy seat for reading time.


5. Twin Doll House Bunk Bed


What I wouldn’t have given to have this as a kid! Two childrens’ bunks make up the Twin Doll House Bunk Bed. A fun, feminine array of pastel colors create the effect of sleeping in your very own life-size doll house.

The top bunk is on the ‘top floor’, whereas the more open bunk on the bottom would typically be used by the eldest child. The bed also includes storage and steps that can double as bookshelves.


6. Dumbo Loft Bed


Customizing your child’s bedroom just became easier with the Dumbo Loft Bed. With two reversible shelves, one of which has a computer desk/work study area, it’s one of the most versatile multifunctional kids beds on the market.

The amount of shelving you get is incredible, and it’s more than enough to handle your child’s book collection or memorabilia. It even comes with an attachable side table for the bunk.


7. Kids Tent Cabin Bed




Every child loves a bed fort. The Kids Tent Cabin Bed just happens to come with one built in. The A-frame supports a miniature awning that mimics a real life camping trip; it can also be folded down so the bed is enclosed.

Whether your child is younger or in the double digits, they’ll enjoy a night under the stars in their own private tent. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, there’s another twin bed that slides out from underneath. Sleepover, anyone?


8. Low Study Loft Bed


I have a soft spot for loft beds. When I was younger, I would pretend the top bunk was my fortress in a castle, and it’s a fantasy many children have also shared.

The sturdy build of this ‘fortress’, aka the DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed, is packed full of shelving and cabinets to store your child’s wardrobe, toys and much more. It’s a great way to keep their room tidy and free up space for playtime.


9. Single Bed With Underbed


This lovely Daybed hides another twin bed underneath it that’s ready to use at a moment’s notice. In the daytime, it functions as a lounger/loveseat/comfy spot to read your book – whatever you need!

Daybeds are great for kids rooms because they are compact and never lose their appeal throughout the years. The Daybed with Underbed is a very classic design with a world of versatility packed into it.


10. Zazie Futon Bunk Bed with Shelf


Bulky beds that take up space aren’t much fun when you’re living in cramped quarters. The Zazie Futon Bunk Bed is a multifunctional kids bed that is both a sleeping space and a reading nook.

Its comfortable futon sits beneath the lofted bunk bed to give your child room to sit, read and relax. The X-frame creates an extra sturdy foundation, so you won’t have to worry about any wobbling.


11. Loft Style Bed With Desk


This Loft Style Bunk Bed has space underneath for a desk, a sofa, or even a play house. (Don’t be misled by the picture on the manufacturer’s website: the desk is not an integral item, you have to buy it separately.)

The ladder is angled for safety and can be mounted on either end of the bed. Despite its solid wood construction, this this is one of the best-priced loft beds on the market.


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