10 Multipurpose Stackable Stools

You can use these stackable stools as elements to build storage shelving units and magazine racks but also tables or other furniture. By using stools as building blocks to let you create multipurpose furniture the designers help you make your home more space-efficient. We think the playful element is pretty appealing too.

1. Ziggurat Supplement Table



Named after the ancient step pyramids, the Ziggurat is a stacking stool (or table) designed to lock together into a variety of shapes. The top is shaped like an equilateral triangle, so they fit together easily; the brass feet can slide into specially-drilled holes on top of the stool, so they can stack securely on top of each other.

Pile them up to make a narrow shelving unit, or put them side-by-side to make a long coffee table.


2. Steel Stool



The Steel Modular Stool is a  true double and triple duty product. Besides its use as a small side table (which all stools do) it has some additional uses. The Steel Stool, when lined up makes a trendy coffee table. When stacked, a unique bookshelf evolves.

The modular units allow for grouping, stacking, combining, and creating. All without the use of screws, tools, or glue. Its handle makes the stools easily transportable addding to its versatility.


3. Butter Stool



The Butter Stool is one of the most earth-friendly stools I’ve seen so far. Recyclable materials are becoming more popular in modern design (you may have heard about Emma Watson’s recycled dress). This has led to the creation of the Butter Stool, which is made from 80% recycled materials.

Despite its look, it’s actually a single piece folded at different angles, creating an incredibly sturdy piece that lasts longer than traditional design.


4. Yata Stool



This design has a specific Japanese look with its typical triangular and minimalist appearance. The interlocking wooden furniture offers various uses. The Yata Stool can easily be maneuvered into a multi-layered coffee table or a shelving unit.

Each stool fits together like a puzzle piece. The stools are completely stackable due to the chamfered edges underneath the feet.  By making the edges not perpendicular the unique intertwining design comes in existence.


5. UrbanMod Stool



Fresh, clean, crisp design in a stackable stool – what more could you ask for in a seating arrangement? Whether it’s a cocktail party with dozens of guests or a conversation around the fire pit, the UrbanMod Stackable Stool is there for you when you need it.

A set of 4 comes in five radiant colors for whatever suits your fancy, and you’ll soon be the life of the party when you show up with seating for all your friends.


6. MyrtLe Stool Chest



The Myrtle stool/chest is designer Taiji Fujimori’s latest space-saving invention.

Designed to be stackable, the multi-functional furniture can transform from a storage drawer and stool to a full three-level chest.

The Myrtle, comprised of what looks to be high-calibre Japanese cedar, comes in two finishes: gloss-varnished Walnut and a soft, lightly stained Maple, with the drawers being interchangeable if you want to mix the colors up a little.

With its simple but functional design and endless possibilities for storage, its versatility makes it a must-have design smart-tool for anyone looking to optimize their space with clever, chic furniture.


7. Elephant Stool


Sturdy and balanced like the thick feet of its namesake, the Elephant Stool is a marvelous bit of outdoor furniture. A special coating prevents it from blanching in moderate sunlight, so you won’t have to worry about an accidental bleach job on your new black furniture.

It also comes in a lovely cream color to suit just about any décor style.


8. Butt Stools




The Butt bright colored stools can function as an extra seat in the living area, children’s room or bathroom. They are comfortable, durable and easyly transportable through the three holes. Also suitable for use outdoors.

You don’t have to worry about fading because of its UV-stable plastic material. What can we say more, Butt Stools look great in any interior, are space efficient, serve many purposes and are appealing to both parents and kids alike.


9. Design Ecal Stool



No one can ever say that the Ecal Stool isn’t durable. After all, it’s made out of solid fibre cement. Granted, some may see this as an impediment, what with the difficulty of moving it from spot to spot, but it’s meant for more than just an indoor centerpiece.

The Ecal Stool is also made for outdoor use, where rain and weather won’t be able to beat it down anymore than inside of your building. Perfect for businesses, hospitals and other public entities, this stool will stand the test of time as both comfortable seating and a monument to its own durability.


10. Zoo Basic


Zoo by Mayice


From Spain, the Zoo Collection of handmade modular furniture. The Z shaped modules can be used seperately as chairs, stools, side tables, or in groups as benches, magazine racks, shelves, and tables.

The zig zag furniture with its short straight lines allows you to set at angles and connect form to create function. A regular pattern or just a incoheren set up. That’s up to you. The possibilities are sheer endless.




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