Offi Tiki Stool Offers Storage And Style


 stool as a side table using the bottom as storage space or as additional seating.
stool or side table with storage, whatever you want


Offi Tiki stool is beautifully shaped and invites you to sit or to use it as a side table. Its cool shape is based on the design of Tiki mugs from the 60’s. The stool pictured above in Shrek green comes in various other colors too.

Offi Tiki Stool divers

Tiki is easy to grip and lift and therefore an easily movable furniture that can be used by children or their parents. The lightweight unit is popular in bathrooms as a shower stool.

Its versatility also appears from its common use as a step stool, deck side or patio table or sleek looking side table.




Offi Tiki has a very playful design and is available in several bright colors making it popular among kids as well. Offi Tiki with its fun appearance makes a party of your interior.



Just like its namegiver was known for back in the vibrant swinging sixties, this multipurpose stool is loose and stylistic. Fun fact, the festive stool was featured on “Extreme Home Makeover”. Go grab your Offi Tiki Stool(s) on Amazon.



Pal In & Out Multifunctional Stool


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