9 Small Balcony Furniture Pieces

Make the most of your balcony with furniture that fits easily while it provides you with sufficient space to have a drink, a lunch, or use your laptop to do some work in the afternoon sun.

Adjustable furniture that nests or can be folded when not needed, items that hang from the balcony railing, and other clever balcony furniture designs help you enjoy the limited outdoor space you’ve got.


1. Element Folding Chair


Imagine if you could infuse the comfort and coziness of a hammock into a lounge chair. Good news! You don’t need to imagine. The Element Folding Chair is as comfy as it gets.

The seat and back are formed by cords that hold your body weight much like a hammock. It also helps that Element has a sturdy wooden frame that gives you full support as you sit back and relax.


2. All Weather Bistro Set




This table and chair set is made from sturdy brown resin wicker, giving it a classic outdoors look. But with its narrow footprint, it’s designed to fit easily on a balcony.

The All Weather Bistro Set is bar height, with just enough space on the tabletop to hold a meal for two.


3. Adjustable Hanging Balcony  table




If you live in a small apartment, you’ll probably find that putting a table on your balcony means you’ve got no room for anything else out there – including yourself.

This semi-circular table clips to the balcony railing, so there are no legs to get in your way. It’s height-adjustable, and flips down to lie flush against the railing when not in use. Hit the link to learn more about this Hanging Balcony Table.






This 3-Piece Knit Furniture Set has the cosy look of a chunky knit, but with the weather-resistant toughness of polypropylene.

Though they look like squishy cushions, the two poufs are actually hollow inside, and the matching end table can be fitted inside them for easy storage. The table has a removable tray top which hides a further 10 gallons of storage space inside.


5. 3-Piece Balcony Bar




This powder-coated aluminium set consists of a narrow bar-style table and two stools and is designed so the stools nest under the table, to maximize floor space when not in use.

The 3-Piece Balcony Bar can be attached to any railing with the included fittings, but it’s also safe to use as a free-standing unit if you prefer.


6. Viva Self-Watering Balcony Railing Planter




It can be a chore keeping plants alive on a balcony: strong winds and bright sunlight mean that planters can dry out in a matter of hours.

The Self-Watering Balcony Planter has an internal reservoir which releases water slowly into the soil, saving you from the chore of twice-daily watering in summer. It has a strong hook to suspend it from a railing, and is made of UV-stabilised polypropylene.


7. Traveller Portable Cordless Lamp




This clever piece of design is a lamp and a table all in one. With an integrated handle and no cables, it’s easy to move: place it up high or put it on the floor and use the flat top as a side table. It’s safe to use outside.

At 5kg, it’s light enough to lift easily, but the weight is concentrated in the base to make it stable. Hit up Clippings to learn more.


8. Foldable Coffee Table



Folding down to just a few inches thick, this balcony table is ideal for entertaining. At 25 pounds in weight with a top of 5mm tempered glass, it’s sturdy enough to put weight on, but light enough for one person to put up without help.

The Foldable Coffee Table seats up to four, and its coated metal frame means you can leave it outside for long periods without worrying about rain damage.


9. Folding Steel Bistro Set




This Folding Bistro Set is constructed of painted stainless steel, weather resistant and is ideal for those with limited storage space.

They are foldable and lightweight and take up little space when closed, so you have several options as to where you can store them away neatly. Available in bright colors: red, yellow, green or blue.




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