The Walrus Family By Nimio




I have never seen anything as creative as The Walrus Family by Nimio. The marine animal themed, artistically abstract table and chairs designed for children, appear to look like a mini walrus family. The table legs look like the walrus whiskers, and the two circular cut outs look like the eyes.

The company Nimio, founded by an Italian named Francesco Monaco, appears to focus on delivering beautifully designed toys and furniture for children that focus on captivating products that have a great deal of thoughtful detail.

I would prefer this table set over any other because it captures a sense of creativity and interest, while maintaining a beautifully simplistic abstract design for children.




The there is a mini baby walrus stool, a big brother walrus stool, and the mother walrus takes form of the table. The stools and table take different sizes, but with the design they are able to collaborate well.

They are made of birch wood and are painted different shades of bluish teal, sea blue, and turquoise green on the sides that look like a walrus. Also when turned to the side, it appears that the walrus table and stools have a functional desk for the kids to store toys, and art materials.




The design is fun, takes an abstract shape, marine animal themed, is made from simple materials, and is durable and functional, something to appreciate in a practical and artistic point of view.

The best part is that the products appear to deliver a strong product, keeping the wear and tear of children in mind, but also making it a simple yet functionally abstract enough design to capture the creativity of children.




The Walrus Family, a beautifully simplistic design for children by Nimio.




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