Best Affordable Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $150

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Sitting in a comfortable, ergonomic chair shouldn’t mean you have to empty your bank account. Posture-correcting chairs for home offices can get spendy, but these products are mercifully inexpensive. Having an office chair that doesn’t cost a fortune will not only give you peace of mind, but also a better back.


Top Best Budget Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $150


1. AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair


Long hours at your computer desk can make you feel like you’re suffocating, but the comfortable mesh fabric on this chair is a breath of fresh air.

AmazonBasics’ Low-Back Computer Chair is available in four fun colors that add a little pizzazz to your work day. Its seat is two inches thick and has a 360º swivel, letting you quickly change views from one task to the next.


2. BestOffice Mesh Swivel Chair


This minimalist chair is one of the most inexpensive on the market. It’s just your basic office chair with caster wheels, a pneumatic height-adjustment system, and a high mesh back.

BestOffice’s Swivel Chair is hiding no surprises and doesn’t make any outrageous promises. It just does what it came here to do, which is give you an affordable, ergonomic office chair that’s right for your budget.


3. Flash Furniture Designer Chair

A chair this modern for such a low price? It’s too good to be true! It is true, in fact. With an average 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, this sleek office chair is a steal.

Flash Furniture’s Swivel Chair has beautifully ribbed cushions made from molded foam will keep you cozy and comfy all day. Its low back lets you see and hear everything going on around you so you don’t feel cut off from your coworkers.


4. Hon Volt Office Chair

Thick cushions and a budget-friendly price under $150 make this chair one of our top picks. The Hon Volt Office Chair has a high-back to support your entire spine and comes with the option of adjustable arm rests.

It is both height-adjustable and ergonomic, with stain-resistant materials and a subtle, yet sophisticated fabric pattern.


5. AmazonBasics Executive Chair

Being your own boss while working from home can be immensely satisfying, but if you’re going to have a home office, you still need a boss’s chair.

This Executive Office Chair from AmazonBasics will have you feeling like the king of your domain as you spend hours in comfort, using the plush armrests and the comfy neck rest. It also comes with a pneumatic height adjustment system worthy of an executive like yourself.


6. JJS Ergonomic Low Back Mesh Chair


High back chairs aren’t for everyone. Personally, I find headrests to be uncomfortable and distracting, and if you’re like me, you’d rather have something like this low back mesh chair from JJS. The mesh fabric, which allows for better air flow and higher levels of comfort, makes a great gaming or office chair.

JJS Ergonomic Low Back Mesh Chair also comes in two bold colors-black/ blue and black/red- with adjustable height, extra padding, an extra-large base, and an ergonomic design to support your spine during long hours of use.


7. AmazonBasics Low-Back Task Chair


AmazonBasics has made affordability that much easier with its own generic products. Office chairs are one of the many things available through AmazonBasics, and this Low-Back Task Chair has all the quality and durability of name brand chairs.

Basic black cushions and upholstery allow it to fit into most office environments. Adjusting the seat height is easy thanks to its pneumatic lever.


8. OFM Leather Gaming Chair

You might have noticed the insane amount of padding on the OFM Gaming Chair and thought to yourself, “Wow, that has to be expensive!”. Not so!

This amazing office chair features a variety of adjustable elements to customize your gaming experience, letting you play games in comfort and style. Seven different colors are available for this chair, ranging from plain black to bright eye-popping shades of green.


9. Furmax Ribbed Desk Chair


Seeing the Furmax Ribbed Desk Chair, you would think you had been transported to the future. This ultra modern office chair comes in three color choices (including a stunning orange) and is designed to hug the natural curve of your mid-back.

Ribbed for extra comfort, the chair is made from PU leather that is both easy to clean and resistant to wear. Unlike similar office chairs, Furmax sports a seat cushion that’s extra thick at 3.15 inches.


10. Flash Furniture Swivel Chair

Personally, I hate having arms on my office chair because it’s hard to get close to my desk. Flash Furniture’s Swivel Chair bridges the gap between those who like having chair arms and those who don’t. Each arm flips up and out of the way if needed.

This affordable chair’s lumbar support is one of the best, and the breathable mesh keeps air flow going to prevent sweating and discomfort.


11. Empire Mesh Management Chair

Extra lumbar support can mean the difference between a long, uncomfortable work day and a refreshing, comfortable one.

This Empire Office Chair has a forward angled cushion to support your back and lumbar region so that you don’t leave work sore and aching. The breathable mesh cools your body, allowing fresh air flow while you type away; it also conforms to your body for added support and comfort.


12. Hbada Office Chair


One of the things I hate about office chairs are the arms. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back, relax, and let your arms dangle on the armrests, but they also make it difficult to scoot closer to your desk.

The Hbada Office Chair solves this problem by using flip-up armrests. Hbada utilizes a breathable mesh fabric for the backrest and an ergonomic design that relieves spinal pressure and discomfort.


13. Modway Drafting Chair


Modway’s Drafting Office Chair has it all. With a height-adjustable seat, a high mesh back, and a steel foot bar that circles the base, it’s no wonder this chair is a favorite among office workers.

Two features that stand out are the fold-up arms and the adjustable back tilt. There’s even a tension control knob to customize the mesh’s ‘give’ for your unique body weight.

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