Alop Multifunctional Seat Coffee Table

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Alop – ‘A Lot of Pillows’ – is the latest contemporary multifunctional design from Silvia Pinci at Italian design lab Formabilio.

The design is a simple one, and consists of four pouf pillows and a wooden base. Another multifunctional coffee table with pillows inside is Mister T.




The pillows can be arranged into a small coffee table with comfortable seats, transformed into a relaxation area for casual conversation, or even laid out in the style of a sofa bed for overnight guests.

Pinci, who was raised in Rome, Italy, and works as an architect, writes that the piece is designed to

“adapt to various functions following the everyday rhythm.”




The simple design is intended to bring a touch of minimalist sophistication to modern living spaces, and with its muted colours and variety of uses, Alop would not look out of place in any décor.



The wood used to make the base is sourced from local eco-friendly sawmills, and the upholstery is made from recycled fabric. In this way, although the piece looks simple, there is a story behind every component.



Formabilio, the manufacturer, commissions all its pieces with sustainability in mind, and Alop is no exception. More info here.



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