4 Cat Trees with Scratching Posts

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Why take up precious space with two pieces of cat furniture when you can beautifully combine them into one? Cat trees with scratching posts give your active kitty a place to lounge, play, and scratch, saving your furniture and freeing up square footage.


1. Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree

cat activity tree with scratching posts

This Cat Activity Tree has not one, but seven scratching posts. Three levels make this cat tree perfect for multiple cats to play and sleep on. Your kitty will love having a high place to survey their kingdom from, as the cat tree stands at just under 4 feet tall.

An excellent price point makes this cat tower incredibly affordable and versatile, which, for cat lovers, is always welcome!


2. Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Platform

cat activity tree with platform and scratching posts

Your cat tree is still in perfect shape, but Ms. Kitty has pulled off all the dangly toys that came with it. What’s a cat owner to do? Amazon Basics has made it easy to replace any included attachments with their 4 foot tall        Cat Tree with Platform.

It even comes with a replacement dangle ball right off the bat. The tree features a ladder and cat house, a platform perch, a built-in cat bed, and four durable scratching posts.


3. Cat Craft 3-Tier Floor-To-Ceiling Cat Tree

3-tier floor to ceiling cat tree

Looking for an extra-tall cat tree? It doesn’t get much taller than this. Cat Craft brings you their luxurious Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree, available in four colors to match most any decor scheme.

Three tiers provide high perches for curious kitties who love to climb, while the frame is wrapped entirely in scratchable carpet. Cat Craft can fit ceilings as tall as nine feet and can be placed anywhere in your home thanks to its slim, space-saving design.


4. Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower

cat tree tower with hammock and scratching posts

This cat tree with scratching posts is perfect for single cat households, or those with two cuddly kitties. Standing at only 19 inches tall, Amazon Basics’ Cat Condo Tree Tower has two scratching posts and a hammock for both lounging and play.

Its jute scratching posts are extra durable, and for just under $27, it’s one of the most affordable cat trees on the market.


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