9 Outdoor Pet Houses

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Your outdoor pets are at the mercy of the elements, but you can give them protection with these outdoor pet houses. Your cat or dog will be able to take shelter from rain, snow, and wind in a cozy house that’s made to last, even in harsh weather.

Outdoor Pet Houses for:



1. ROCKEVER Cat House

If you don’t have a lot of space in your yard, the ROCKEVER Cat House is perfect for you and your feline friend. ROCKEVER’s cat house is just under two square feet and fits most small cats and kittens, but you can also use it for your rabbits, guinea pigs, or chickens.

The wooden house is insulated and comes with an asphalt roof with a hinge, a door flap, and adjustable feet.


2. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House

Stylish A-frames aren’t just for Airbnb stays. They’re also for your kitty cat! Petsfit’s Outdoor Cat House comes with a pitched roof that has been waterproofed to keep cats safe and dry.

Cats AE15 pounds and under can take shelter during rainy days, and two doors (one at the front, and one in back) are attractive to feral cats who need more than one escape route. The awning over the front door keeps the inside dry — no soggy floors!


3. Kitty City Outdoor Stackable Cat House

Those in milder climates will enjoy this versatile outdoor pet house.          Kitty City Cat House uses insulated materials to provide a welcoming shelter for outdoor cats, and you can even stack two houses on top of each other to create a double condo.

The roof folds back to reveal storage space for cleaning supplies, food bowls, and toys that you can use to keep things tidy. Each house has two exits with water flaps to keep out moisture and rain.


4. Petsfit Two-Story Outdoor Cat House

If luxury is what your cat is after, say no more. Petsfit’s Two-Story Outdoor Cat House is as luxurious as it gets. This kitty ‘mansion’ features two weather-proofed condos with an asphalt roof, multiple exits/windows, and a hole between each condo so your kitty can move between floors with ease.

Petsfit’s house also has jumping pads for direct access to the top floor, and the hinged roof makes it simple to check on your cat while they’re inside.



5. PRECISION PET Country Lodge

This outdoor pet house sure has gone to the dogs — literally! This pooch-sized pet house is sleek and stylish, but more importantly it’s durable and waterproof.

Adjustable feet keep the house off of soggy ground, preventing water from seeping in. PRECISION PET Country Lodge can fit dogs up to 40 pounds in its spacious interior.


6. Fit Choice Elevated Dog House

Keep your beloved pooch warm, dry, and comfortable with Fit Choice’s Elevated Dog House. With three sizes available, there’s a house for every dog to enjoy.

Fit Choice’s house stands just high enough off the ground to keep water out, yet it still allows easy access for your dog. Its ventilated material lets air through while keeping moisture out, making it perfect for the dog days of summer.


7. Starplast Dog House Kennel

Designed for both warm and cool months, Starplast’s Dog House Kennel is an attractive outdoor lounge for your medium to large size dog. The kennel is made from ultra-durable polypropylene plastic that’s engineered to resist fading, as well as remain waterproof and sturdy, even after heavy use.

Assembly takes no more than five minutes; it’s also very lightweight, so you can easily transport it when it’s time to move.


8. Petmate Husky Dog House

Let’s face it — huskies are spoiled. Now you can spoil your pupper even more with Petmate’s husky dog house. Huskies are known to be energetic, and sometimes destructive, but Fido doesn’t stand a chance against this igloo-shaped haven.

Petmate’s Husky Dog House is made from structural foam plastic that’s both durable and leak-resistant. It also includes ventilation in the back for proper air flow during hotter summer months.


9. Ferplast Dog Kennel

Ferplast Dog Kennel has something other dog kennels don’t. It’s built with anti-shock plastic! This is especially important if you plan on using it with a heating pad that runs on electricity.

Your dog will stay safe and dry inside this heavy duty shelter, which features a waterproof build and a drainage system in case your dog gets wet and brings water inside. Three sizes are available for small, medium, and large size dogs.


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