Dutch Tulpi-Seating in Public Spaces

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Winter can get a little dreary. No one likes looking at a frozen landscape with frigid winds for months on end, but this country’s outlook just got a little brighter.




Holland has started putting Tulpi-Seats in public spaces, and citizens can’t wait to try them out.



The tulip is, of course, Holland’s national flower; parks and walking trails are spattered with brightly-colored tulip seats that anyone can use to take a load off and rest.




It’s nice to see a bit of blue, red and yellow dotting the wintery tundra in the colder months, but they’re equally stunning all year round.




All you have to do is fold down one of the tulip’s petals to use it as a seat. When you’re done, simply fold it back up and let the next person enjoy it.




Tulpi-seat – a typical Dutch icon – is a wonderful, colorful, clean and dry seat in the public spacThey are available in different versions and made of stainless steel and polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable. Look it up at Tulpi.



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