Hash Graphic Modular Bookshelf

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Have you noticed that the iconic hashtag grid pattern a la Twitter is popping up nearly everywhere these days?

At first glance, the Hash modular bookshelf by Max Voytenko might look like a sculptural wall hanging or a modern art installation designed to capitalize on this popular image.




However, Hash is actually a dynamic bookshelf comprised of angular elements that can be arranged in a variety of striking combinations to create a slick and unique spot to stash your books and other knickknack within not-so-plain sight.




Hash’s diagonals are made of matte black steel. The diagonals, combined with the flexible modular design, allow you to customize the look to fit your space and to create the most appealing arrangement.




There is a square and a rectangular version of the Hash shelves. You may choose the shape and the number of shelves. The diagonals can be placed in various creative ways.




Hash can be arranged with the modules in a vertical, horizontal or clustered pattern, and the diagonals themselves can be placed in the original grid design, or in a multitude of other designs. Who knew shelves could be so versatile?



Hash modular bookshelf, designed by Max Voytenko.



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