Best Kids Comfy Reading Chairs

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Even kids need to relax! These comfy reading and playing chairs for kids are sure to make your child feel special in their own space. Whether your child is more drawn to a style that’s more colorful, or one that’s just like mom or dad’s own chair, there’s something here for everyone.

In this article we show you some of the nicest reading chairs for kids:


CoMfy Armchairs

1. Delta Children’s Cozy Chair

Delta Children Cozy Chair

An animal-themed cozy chair may be just what your child needs. This playful Delta Cozy Chair is designed with younger children in mind to read or to relax and comes in a panda, shark, puppy, or kitten version.

Delta’s hardwood frame allows for the usual wear and tear that comes with use by children; it also wipes clean with mild soap and water. The chair can hold children up to 100 pounds, allowing for years of fun.


2. Delta Children Snuggle Foam Filled Chair

This looks like one of those bean bag chairs that you can just sink into, but it’s actually very supportive.

The Delta Children’s shredded Foam Filled Snuggle Chair features ultra-soft fur on its cover that’s designed to cradle the user in comfort, whether that’s during a lengthy homework session or lounging in front of the TV. The chair is available in four different colors choices.


3. Trend Lab Children’s Plush Character Chair

Have you ever cuddled with a moose? Personally, I haven’t, but that’s part of the magic of being a child: cuddling with woodland creatures.

Trend Lab’s Plush Character Chair comes in three cute designs (moose, unicorn, and fox) and is suitable for children 12 months and older. The ultra plush fur on the chair makes for a great pillow or naptime spot for toddlers.


4. Costzon Children’s Sofa Chair

This chair’s design is mature enough to mimic the most fashionable adult-sized armchairs while using colors that kids will love. Available in black, orange, and bright pink, this Costzon Sofa Chair comes with a comfy ottoman that allows your child to put their feet up and really relax.

They’ll enjoy resting in this pint-sized chair with a book or watching their favorite shows on the TV. Costzon is meant for children ages 1-4 but can hold up to 100 pounds.


5. KEET Roundy Kids Chair

KEET’s modern design makes it perfect for photo shoots with children, but it’s comfortable enough for everyday use. High density foam cushions your child’s neck and back; it’s also supported by a strong wooden frame that adds years to the chair’s life so that your child can enjoy it for longer.

This KEET Roundy Chair comes in seven neutral colors to fit in with most decor.


6. P’Kolino Little Reader Chair

Your little tyke needs a comfy reading chair too! Bookworms of all ages appreciate their own reading space, and the P’Kolino Little Reader is perfect for your tiny tot.

Twelve microfiber colors and patterns cater to all tastes, and its comfy cushions allow for hours of reading. The chair can easily be picked up or moved by you and your child thanks to its lightweight design.


7. Delta Children Cozee Fluffy Chair

Don’t you feel cozy just looking at this chair? This sensory-friendly kids chair is made from plush, non-abrasive materials that help your special needs child to feel comfortable and safe.

Delta Children’s Fluffy Chair is filled with shredded foam that supports your child’s body and provides a relaxing spot to read a book or watch their favorite cartoon. The chair is available in four pastel colors and is suitable for ages 2-6.


Rocker Chairs

8. Soft Floor  Rocker

This ergonomic Soft Floor Rocker provides spinal support with playing video games, watching TV, reading or lounging.

Made with PU leather and a sturdy wooden frame, the chair also has a rocking motion and is available in four different colors.


9. Single Kid Sofa Chair

Rocking chairs can soothe a child’s stressed nerves, but mom or dad don’t always have time to rock them to sleep. The Single Kid Sofa Chair from Babyland allows children to enjoy the comfort of a rocking chair all by themselves.

Cleaning any spills or smudges is easy thanks to the spandex fabric, which wipes clean with mild soap and water. The high density foam padding keeps kids comfortable during use.


10. KEET Roundy Rocking Chair

Similar to KEET’s other roundy chair, this one comes with a rocking function. KEET’s Rocking Chair is highly affordable at just over $50 and looks just like an adult rocking chair, but is sized perfectly for toddlers and young children.

KEET’s gingham fabric adds a bit of texture while still being able to blend in with its surroundings, keeping your home looking nice while providing a nice space just for kids.


11. Gift Mark Colonial Rocking Chair

The Colonial style is still highly popular among some home buyers. This classical style of architecture and furniture has made its way to children’s furniture as well.

Gift Mark is offering a Colonial-style Kids Rocking Chair for your little one. Made from solid wood and available in four colors, it’s sure to last from generation to generation and will be enjoyed by many. There’s a matching Rocking Chair Cushion Pad Set in the color blue, chocolate, ivory and pink.


Bean Bag Chairs

12. Rickety Rock Bean Bag Chair

Summer fun doesn’t have to stop when the weather cools off. The Rickety Rock bean bag chair is tons of fun and sports a playful, vibrant design that kids will love.

Its four kid-friendly designs (hippo, banana, watermelon, and shark) encourage children to use their imagination; playtime is enjoyable and safe, and cleanup is easy thanks to the water-repellent material. You can use the Rickety Rock Bean Bag Chair both indoors and outdoors all year round.


13. Yoweenton Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Honestly, if you gave me the Yoweenton Gaming Bean Bag Chair, you would never see me again. I’d be downstairs in my gaming room playing video games for hours, comfortably rested in the plush cradle that this chair provides.

It has pockets for controllers, gaming accessories, and snacks, and it also sports a handle so that you can easily rearrange your setup. Put several of these together, and you’ve got the perfect party couch for Super Smash Bros.


14. Big Joe Classic BeanBag 

Teachers will love how quiet and focused their students become when sitting in the Big Joe Classic Beanbag.

Its stain and water resistant fabric cleans easily with soap and warm water, taking the chore out of classroom cleanups. It also ensures students can stay focused without the distraction of irritating materials on their skin.


15. WEKAPO Storage Bean Bag Chair

I’ve seen chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and ottomans with storage… but never a bean bag chair! That’s because WEKAPO doesn’t use beans as its filling – it uses stuffed animals.

Well, stuffed animals along with pillows, blankets, and whatever other soft clutter items you can find. It makes the perfect place to store dress up clothes and more out of the way while creating a comfy lounging spot for your kid. The WEKAPO Storage Bean Bag Chair is available in multiple colors and designs.


16. ECRU4Kids Soft Zone Bean Bag Chair

My days in college sitting on hard metal chairs made me appreciate the comfort of alternative classroom seating. The SoftZone Bean Bag Chair has a back support to help children feel comfortable and sit with proper posture.

Instead of fidgeting and constantly repositioning, students can focus on their studies, and teachers can more easily command their attention during lessons.


Lounge Chairs

17. Dporticus Sponge Lounge Chair

Putting your child down for nap time will no longer be a hassle if you have this lounge chair. Dporticus’ Sponge Lounge Chair is so comfortable, your child may not want to leave it!

The message “Mom, I’m fine” is top-stitched across the fabric to assure parents that their child is right where they want to be. Easy to clean and equipped with a tote bag for easy transport, Dporticus is the perfect companion for children ages 2-5.


18. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

A good bean bag chair should be the staple of every child’s room if you ask me. The Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is the perfect lounge seat after a long school day. Made of micro-suede fiber, with shredded memory foam as the filler, Chill Sack is as comfy as it gets.

Movie night can be a blast when you get several of these comfy seats together in front of the TV. Popcorn or soda spills? No worries! The bean bag cover is machine washable and stain resistant.


Chairs with Storage

19. STASH Chair with Storage Chest

I think that every kid wants to emulate his father somewhat. When I was a child, I wanted to have a big comfy recliner just like my dad to sit in while I watched TV. It’s a shame this purple beauty wasn’t around back then!

The STASH Sofa Chair is a kid-friendly chair that has storage underneath the seat, and it also transforms into an ottoman. Now your child can feel like he or she is just like a grownup with their very own reading or TV chair!


20. Costzon Kids Sofa Chair

What’s better than a cozy armchair for the kiddos? An armchair with storage! Costzon’s Kids Sofa Chair has a small compartment underneath the seat to store a warm blanket, stuffed animals, or a secret stash of snacks.

Costzon makes a great prop for infant photo shoots, and the PU leather wipes clean with a damp cloth so you don’t have to worry about staining.


Recliner Chairs

21. Flash Furniture Kids Recliner

This kids chair is practically the spitting image of the ideal adult armchair. Equipped with a cup holder or flip-up armrests for storage and a plush padded back, Flash Furniture’s Recliner is just as functional as a regular Lazy Boy.

As the name implies, it really does recline for full relaxation. The recliner is available in different seat upholstery and in several colors to appease picky kids who demand more color choices.


22. Homall Kids Recliner

Fasten your seat belts! Homall’s Kids Recliner has your little racer in mind with its sleek design and sports car colors. Feet fastened to the chair’s base keep the chair grounded when using the reclining feature – no tipping over!

While most kids recliners support only up to 100 pounds, Homall can support up to 135 pounds, allowing for longer use for your growing child.


23. Costzon Kid Recliner

Is it just me, or is the coolest looking kids recliner you’ve ever seen? Costzon’s posh design is made from eco-friendly materials that are easy to clean and comfortable to sit in.

Despite being only 20 pounds, the Costzon Kid Recliner is pretty solid and can be transported without difficulty from room to room. The high backrest gives more support to your child’s head and neck area, and the breathable fabric is easier on young children’s skin.


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