Magino Acrylic Side Table-Stool-Magazine Rack

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The Magino acrylic side table-stool is a true multifunctional item.

Magino acrylic stool - side table
acrylic Magino stool is versatile and gorgeous


Labeling a stool multifunctional since you can also use it as a side table is easy right? Admitted, it is factually correct to call such furniture pieces multifunctional but we prefer to spot more ingenious multipurpose pieces.

Magino stool
with its elegant, sleek, feminine lines and translucent modesty this piece is true eye candy

It is not only because of the fact that it also functions as a magazine rack but additionally because it is available in a transparent version.

This way it not only makes optimal use of smaller spaces but at the same time does not block lines of sight, keeps its presence minimal, thus adding even more to a micro apartement or other type of minimized home.


a truly multifunctional piece of furniture


Admitted, we are biased here. We just love transparency, not only in people but in our furniture as well. Grab one Magino acrylic side table-stool here.


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