Mamba Shelf Desk

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Mamba shelf desk (and light)

Its flowing lines and pristine white body make this piece as much a sculpture as a multifunctional desk. Mamba shelf-desk by MDF Italia, winner of the “Cristalplant®, Design Contest 2011, is shelf, desk, and light source in one.

Its feminine lines make this table a sensual piece that integrates seamlessly with the home space. It’s almost like it is part of the wall it is attached to or if it is moving graciously on it like a snake. No wonder its designer named his work Mamba.




Contrary to its animal counterpart, this Mamba is not toxic. The gorgeous desk-shelf, designed by Victor Vasilev, was created to demonstrate the possibilities Cristalplant material in the furnishing industry.

Cristalplant® commonly known as K-plan, is a unique, technologically advanced composite material, valued for its its similarity to natural stone and soft touch effect thanks to its velvety texture.

K-plan consists of a high percentage of natural mineral charges and of a low percentage of polyester and acrylic polymers of considerable purity. When scratched, this material is relatively effortlessly restored.

CRISTALPLANT® is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, 100% recyclable, durable, hygienic, fireproof (class 1); and UVs resistant.




The LED can be turned on and its brightness adjusted by touching the touch-sensitive “Touch” switch.

Mamba Shelf-Desk by MDF Italia is available in two versions, with or without a LED light source.


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