Morfeo Sofa Sleeper For Divine Dozing

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Domodinamica sofa sleeper
swamp green sofa sleeper with lights that make me think of Kermit


Morfeo is a sofa sleeper with somewhat cartoonesque looks. Having a bit of a resemblance of a frog or Shrek this couch bed combo certainly has a distinct face.



The multipurpose couch features two adjustable lights placed on antennas. Great for reading or as night lights.



It would make a great addtition in both a modern as well as a traditional interior. Now we need only a donkey-shaped chair to make the picture complete.


Domodinamica sofa sleeper
beauty is in the eye of the beholder but extravagant is certainly is


Joking about green monsters aside, in reality the couch is inspired by the god of sleep, morfeo. The master of dreams or good sleep is known to to ensure people enjoy a sound sleep when in the arms of Morpheus.

Morfeo Sofa Bed is designed by Giovannoni and Rodrigo Torres for Domodinamica.


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