OK Pendant Light By Flos

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The OK pendant has only one thing in common with your standard table lamp – they are both interior lights. The OK light stands alone, literally and in a class by itself, as a floor-to-ceiling, edge-lighting technology lamp that can rotate 360 degrees.




The unique design features a circular shape LED light which slides up and down the metal wire; allowing the user of the lamp the flexibility to adjust the height of the light source. This innovation is ideal for all rooms and reading corner.



Don’t be fooled by its minimalist appearance, the OK pendant light by Konstantin Gcric is packed with functionality and adds an illuminating touch to the space it occupies. Available in white, black, yellow or chrome.




OK Pendant Light is a perfect example of how LED light technology allows designers to create more freely. Not being bound by traditional globe shaped bulbs the light source itself becomes the focus point.

When you add versatility of use and beautiful design to the mix you get stunning pieces that can be used in almost any setting. Small apartment, commercial storefront or you name it.



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