11 Top Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Racks

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Whether you prefer white wine or red wine, everyone needs the perfect wine rack to show off the goods. It needs to be modern and space-saving, but most of all, it needs to be convenient. We think these wall-mounted wine racks could be just what you, the ever-discerning connoisseur, are looking for.


1. Oenophilia Wine Rack

The word ‘oenophilia’ means ‘the love of wine’, so it makes sense that the Oenophilia Wine Rack would hold as much as ten bottles. Its ultra modern display uses geometric patterns and is made from solid, high quality metal.

Not only is Oenophilia a conversation starter, but it’s also an art piece, even when there aren’t any wine bottles in it. Cleaning it is convenient and easy, with only a damp cloth required.


2. True Wine Rack

Not only does this modern wall-mounted True Wine Rack hold up to nine bottles, but it also lets you create your own wine wall art. Each bottle is held perfectly level, a glistening display of your favorite vintages that will leave your guests green with jealousy.

The modern display is easy to install, so you can enjoy its benefits without the headache of a complicated installation.

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3. STACT Wall Mounted Wine Rack

The STACT Wall Mounted Wine Rack is meant for expansion. Each component, which holds up to nine wine bottles, can be connected with more Stact panels; there’s no limit to how big you can make your wine rack!

The metal bars that hold the bottles are made from aircraft-grade aluminum (which is really sturdy), and it comes in a whopping ten finishes to fit in with any décor scheme.


4. Sorbus Wine Rack

This wall-mounted Sorbus Wine Rack is simple and elegant. Sorbus holds up to nine bottles of wine or champagne on its convenient and easy-to-install metal shelves.

Although not as glamorous as other wine racks, its functional and space-saving form can be added onto with other Sorbus Racks to create more space and a bigger wine display. At just under $20, it’s also one of the most economical choices – perfect for beginners!

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5. Rivet Modern Wood Wine Rack

Rivet’s Modern Wood Wine Rack is a modern and convenient way to free up counter space. Instead of stacking bottles side by side, leaving no room for other items, you simply use this easy-to-install wine rack to beautify and organize your beverage collection.

Vibrant white wood gives the gold metallic paint an extra pop, drawing the eye as soon as you walk in the room. It’s a modern display with a classic, and durable, material.


6. VintageView Wine Rack

This VintageView Wine Rack has support right where it counts. Individual body and neck supports cradle each wine bottle, keeping it perfectly balanced and level. Designed for the discerning minimalist, this simple wall-mounted wine rack blends right into the rest of your décor.

Its modern display holds up to six standard wine bottles and has a subtle rustic charm to boot. Place several of these wine racks side by side as an impressive piece of wall art to wow your guests.

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7. Twine Rustic Wine Rack

Twine’s Wall-Mounted Wine Rack takes a very different approach to its display. Rather than presenting bottles vertically or horizontally, it keeps them perched at a 45-degree angle.

The base is made from high quality barn wood with metal loops for holding the wine. Twine’s wine rack goes perfecty with rustic and farmhouse interiors, but it also works well with modern and industrial décor.


8. Stainless Steel Wine Rack

Every modern kitchen could use one (or more) of these high quality, stainless steel wine racks. Its durable construction is seamless and sleek, showing off your favorite pinot grigio to advantage while staying up and out of the way.

The slim design of the brightmaison Stainless Steel Wine Rack can hold up to five full-size wine bottles, but users are able to store any alcohol bottles so long as it’s 3.5 inches diameter or under.


9. Soduku Wine Rack

Soduku’s design blends traditional and modern influences and features beautiful pine wood in its base. It needs only three screws to anchor itself to the wall, making it one of the easiest wall-mounted wine racks to install.

Functional and durable, the Soduku Wine Rack holds up to five wine bottles on curved metal shelves. Its space-saving design allows you to effortlessly fit it into your kitchen or entertainment room.

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10. Spectrum Diversified Wine Rack

Did you know that storing your wine bottle at a tilt keeps the cork from drying out? Doing this keeps the cork from shrinking and letting air in, and so the Spectrum Diversified Wine Rack keeps all its bottles at a 45 degree angle, corked end pointing down.

Storing your wine on this elegant wine rack will keep each vintage in prime condition while adding a beautiful modern display to your kitchen.

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11. DecoBros Multi-Purpose Rack

DecoBros Multi-Purpose Rack does it all! I’ve seen cute DIY suggestions on how to use a wine rack as a towel rack, but this product has been especially designed to be multifunctional. The wall-mounted wine rack doesn’t just store your pinot grigio – it can also be used for hand and full-size towels, hats, and more!

Two small slots and four larger slots give you room for up to six bottles (or whatever else you choose to store on this convenient wall-mounted rack).

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