14 Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Racks

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A toast! Here’s to fourteen splendid wall-mounted wine glass racks. When you need somewhere to store your delicate drinkware, a wine glass rack comes in handy. Display your favorite stemmed glasses and keep them handy for when you need a refreshing glass of wine.

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1. Wall-Mounted Wine Glass Racks


MyGift Wood Wine Glass Rack

For a neatly packed wine glass display, MyGift’s Wall-Mounted Rack does the job brilliantly. Up to twelve glasses of varying designs can be perched in the narrow slats.

This wine glass rack screws easily into the wall for a firm, sturdy hold, so you don’t have to worry about hearing the awful crash of a poorly constructed version coming from your kitchen.


Del Hutson Floating Wine Shelf

Do you want a wine rack that does it all? Here’s your chance to grab one!     Del Hutson’s Floating Wine Shelf holds liquor bottles and display items on its top shelf, and underneath it holds wine glasses and other stemware.

Its rustic finish adds an elegant touch to your kitchen. Although the attachment hardware is not included, holes are pre-drilled so you don’t have to measure.


Kiera Grace Shelf Wine Glass Rack

Blending in is what the Kiera Grace Wine Glass Rack does best. The outward finish is virtually seamless; it appears to be nothing more than a modern display shelf, but underneath is where its true talent lies.

Six wine glasses can be slid into place, upside down, via the wine glass rack on the shelf’s underside. Use the top of the shelf for wine bottles, liquor bottles, or some cute décor.


MyGift Industrial Wine Glass Rack

This wine glass rack evokes images of old New York, where apartment walls are made from brick and exposed piping. Industrial chic is still a favorite among designers, and MyGift’s Industrial Wine Glass Rack is made especially for that vision.

Thin black twin rods hold wine glasses securely in place, while the rustic wood frame attaches to the wall with keyhole brackets.


2. Wall Mount Wine Glass & Bottle Display Racks


Rustic State Stemware Organizer

Petite and compact, this mixed material stemware organizer has rustic charm and does double duty as both a wine glass holder and bottle display. This wall-mounted Rustic State Stemware Rack holds five full-size bottles and up to fifteen wine glasses (depending on their size) underneath.

Curved iron pieces hold liquor bottles securely in place so that they don’t roll around. Despite being made of wood and iron, the piece is surprisingly lightweight.


Brightmaison Crete Wine Rack

This magnificent wine rack is another masterpiece from Brightmaison. Improvements have already been made to its design, including increased corner support for a sturdy and long-lasting build.

Brightmaison Crete Wine Rack is a great space-saving solution that features room for six bottles, a broad collection of stemware, and options to expand. Pair two or more of these together for an impressive and charming display.


IoHOMES Wall-Mounted Wine Rack

This wall-mounted wine rack and bottle display does it all. Not only does it store up to six bottles, with six rows for glasses on its underside, but it has even more room on top. You can use the top shelf for display items, more stemware, or whatever suits your fancy.

IoHOMES’ Wine Rack can be used as either a wall-mount or on top of a counter, though you’ll want to choose the former option to make full use of the stemware storage feature.


Giantex Wall-Mounted Multifunctional Organizer

The Giantex Wall-Mounted Multifunctional Organizer is is by far the cutest wine rack and bottle organizer I’ve ever seen. I love the cross-hatch design on the corners, and the organization is very neat and chic.

As you can see, what you put on the several small shelving spaces is entirely up to you, but there are six dedicated cubbies for liquor bottles and a stemware organizer on the underside to keep your glasses dust-free.


MyGift Bottles & Wine Display Rack

Barnwood is essential for rustic household décor, which is why MyGift’s Wine and Bottle Display Rack is made from it. Rather than store the wine bottles horizontally or at an angle, however, MyGift takes a different approach.

Bottles sit upright while glasses remain inverted to keep dust out. It makes a wonderful display for fine wines, liquor bottles, or any other glass bottle products.


3. Under Cabinet Stemware Racks


JMiles Under Cabinet Stemware Rack

A little extra cabinet space never hurts, but what if you can’t squeeze another cabinet in your kitchen? JMiles’ Under Cabinet Stemware Rack gives your extra wine glasses a place to ‘hang out’.

Made from glistening chrome and with an ultra modern appeal, this stemware rack keeps dust safely out of your glasses and helps the glasses remain dry and shining.


Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Holder

For those who aren’t a fan of out-in-the-open wine racks, this ‘useful’ under cabinet storage option will be a hit. Its modest size makes it an easy fit for any kitchen; it can hold six bottles and six wine glasses – and that’s all you need for a cozy dinner party!

The Useful Under Cabinet Stemware Holder is great for freeing up counter space and organizing delicate stemware that might otherwise be damaged in cabinets.


DecoBros Single Rail Wine Glass Holder

This is a great budget option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on stemware organization. At just over $10, DecoBros’ Single Rail Wine Glass Holder holds three glasses.

In reality, you’ll be getting space for six glasses total, as this product only comes in a two-pack delivery. It’s slim, sturdy, and ready to go in just a few minutes thanks to the simple under cabinet installation.


Rustic State Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder

Let’s dial it back a bit with this modest (and very subtle) Rustic State Wine Glass Holder. You wouldn’t even notice it’s there under the cabinet without the glasses in it, as the design is very flush against the cabinet’s underside.

The distinct advantage this wine glass holder has is that you can adjust the rows for glasses with wider or narrower bases, something most other stemware organizers don’t have.


SMITCO Wine Glass Holder

Have you ever been frustrated with color choices when shopping for wine glass holders? SMITCO has the solution for you: stain and paint your own!

The SMITCO Wine Glass Holder comes unfinished, with raw wood that’s ready to be decorated just the way you like it. Use this to your advantage by painting it to match your cabinets or by creating a contrasting color to make it stand out.

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