Best Comfortable Folding Chairs for Small Spaces

Gone are the days when folding chairs were ‘plasticky’ eyesores used on the campsite only. These modern-chic, comfortable folding chairs are meant to be looked at as well as seated on.

Their innovative designs make them optimally suitable for large and small spaces such as apartments and offices.  In recent years, luxury folding chairs let you easily add additonal seats or hide away surplus chairs when not in need.


1. Shift Folding Chair





There’s nothing softer than the feel of material that’s knitted, broken in by the wear of time to be lusciously plush and squishy. This versatile piece takes the concept of a knit material and uses 3D printing to cradle you in total comfort.

Able to fold up and out of the way when it’s not needed, the Shift Chair of furniture is as chic as it is innovative.


2. Honeycomb Chair



The honeycomb motifs on this folding chair not only look pretty, they also help to make the seat and back as light as possible. They come in a variety of transparent pastel colours, or matte white.

The Honeycomb Chairs fold flat when not in use and can even be hung from the wall to keep them out of the way, making them ideal to use as extra seating for parties or functions.


3. 2F Folding Chair


2F Folding Chair




Most folding chairs still take up a large amount of space even when they’re not being used. Even when they’re stackable, you’re still left with a bulky pile that’s in the way instead of out of your hair.

The 2F Folding Chair is the world’s first two-dimensional chair. Well, almost two-dimensional… it does fold completely flat, though, and the durable veneer plywood looks pretty slick sitting in any room.


4. Flex-One Folding Chair





It looks like any other folding chair, but the weatherproof Flex-One can support up to a thousand pounds of weight.

It has a tough steel frame covered with slightly stretchy polypropylene mesh which is designed to accommodate any body shape.  Not only that, but they’re made in the USA with a 10 year warranty.


5. Palfrey Chair





The Palfrey Chair isn’t your typical folding chair, nor should it be. This bad boy has a unique folding style that’s all its own. Palfrey folds itself up sideways to a compact size as if it were merely a shadow.

It cuts a slim figure, but don’t be fooled – this chair can hold an impressive amount of weight for one that can flatten against a wall.


6. Hercules Chairs


You probably think of folding chairs as uncomfortable, wobbly bars of metal with a thin iron seat. Well, you’re not wrong, but brands like Hercules are looking out for you. Hercules Folding Chairs come in handy sets of 2, and they have the thickest cushions I’ve ever seen.

Imagine having these at your next party venue, or anywhere you need extra seating. Prepare to be showered with compliments from your guests because these chairs are COMFY.


7. Baxton Studio Chair



Does anyone else remember the fashion trend of clear plastic furniture? True, this was in a time before millenials, but this retro favorite is coming back – only this time it’s actually trendy.

The Baxton Studio Chair is made of solid acrylic for an ultra-clear seat that sits atop a reflective metal frame. Your next dinner party or celebration will leave your guests talking about their beautiful seating arrangements.


8. Fläpps Folding Chair





When laid flat, the Fläpps looks something like a cartoon drawing of window. With a quick snap of the wrist, the top ‘windowpane’ flips down to make a seat, and the bottom one slips out to form the back legs of the chair.

Stylishly designed and unobtrusive, the chair is less than an inch thick when folded and you can easily hide four in a cupboard for unexpected guests.


9. Office Star Folding Chair


It’s just a folding chair – what’s the big deal? The deal is not this chair’s appearance, but rather what it’s made out of. The Office Star Folding Chair is composed of durable resin that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The maximum weight of 200 pounds may not seem like much, but when you find out the chair itself weighs only a pound, it’s pretty impressive!


10. Profile Chair





Like a model on the runway, the Profile Chair only ever shows you its good side. This sleek designer chair is lightweight enough to carry around with you, yet durable enough for a long sit-down.

Not a single material in this chair’s make is wasted; only the good remains, creating a sustainable and raw design that’s sure to astonish anyone lucky enough to grace its broad, comfortable seat.


11. Saxe foldable chair





Oh, the luxurious feel of leather! There’s nothing like it. That’s why the Saxe chair’s designers included the sought-after material in the item’s form as a chic and classic seat.

Solid oak will make you feel like you’ve spent a fortune on this premium piece, and maybe you have, but the long-lasting frame and comfortable seat are worth every last penny. Kick back and relax in one of the classiest folding chairs you’ll ever meet.


12. Folding Air Chair





It’s blinding. It’s beautiful. What’s more, it’s from Jasper Morrison. Every shiny detail screams that the Air-Chair is the perfect folding chair for whatever venue you put it in, from a premier movie screening to the coziest cafe. Sitting on this chair, you can feel how sturdy and reliable it is.

The Air-Chair can be used for either indoor or outdoor activities, so you’re never limited as to what you can do with it.




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