16 Trendy Small Modular Wall Shelves

Because of their stunning looks these decorative small wall shelves exceed basic functionality. In essence these stylish shelves are pieces of art, apt to lift a space to a higher atmospheric dimension.

Combine units to spruce up the living room, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen and make sure your belongings are organized in the most eye-pleasing way possible. Whether you need to install speakers or store knick knacks, these fashionable pieces will help you declutter in style.

1. Pelican Shelf


The Pelican Shelf with hidden hooks provides a minimalist, sleek appearance on any wall while drawing the eye instead of breaking up the room.

The light storage space allows you to store those cluttered knick knacks in a way that is comforting and pleasing to the eye while decorating your home for function and storage.


2. Umbra Strum Wall Shelf


Turn storage and shelving into art with the Umbra Strum Wall Shelf. Three different orientation options let you mount this glistening metal wall shelf to suit your needs.

Aside from being trendy chic, Umbra can hold up to 10 lbs of whatever items you can fit into it, making it ideal for magazine, office and kitchen storage. Umbra fits anywhere you need it to, whether in a cozy entryway or in any other room in your house.


3. 086 Baleno Shelves



It’s amazing what curves can do. A simple arch in a wall shelf makes it infinitely more elegant and unique; such is the case with the Baleno Shelves from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

The shelves can be mounted in a variety of positions, all of which form a work of art on your walls. Each shelf bends like the graceful extended arm of a ballerina, delicately holding your valuables and displaying them for admiring eyes.


4. Umbra Stealth Wall Shelf

The Umbra Stealth Wall Shelf is great for displaying items in your living room, hall or bathroom and can be mounted on either side.

These angular geomatric shelves are stylish, well constructed and of high quality. Dimensions: 18″L x 4 1/2″H x 4 7/8″ D. Available in white and black.


5. Butterfly Shelf




With all the grace of the insect they’re named after, the Butterfly Shelf has both a beautiful form and function. Two “wings” come together in the center and create a stunning, sturdy shelf ready to cradle books or other items you place on it.

Its gentle angle and rounded corners make it safe for children’s bedrooms to free up precious floor space while storing toys and bedtime stories out of the way.


6. Pivot Shelf





Do you have too many corners in your house and not enough room for shelves? The Pivot Shelf solves this problem with ingenuity and finesse. Its clever design allows you to mount it on inward-facing and outward-facing corners with ease.

You can set just about anything on its sturdy platform. The Pivot Shelf has four different mounting options to optimize its usefulness. You can even mount it on flat walls for a neat visual effect.


7. 3D Modular Shelf3D-modular-shelfs



The 3D Modular Shelf is a puzzle piece with an aesthetic appeal. Smaller spaces don’t have a lot of wiggle room for storage and shelving, so this brilliant design has arrived to help you out. Although the shelves are small, they have a lot of character.

Patterns can be formed with multiple shelves painted with complimentary pastels that make their 3D effect even more prominent. The design possibilities are endless and fun to experiment with.


8. 11 Babushka Boxes





The name “Babushka Boxes” in and of itself sounds delightful, but wait until you see how they look hanging on your walls. Eleven sturdy box shelves come in this set and are designed to fit perfectly inside one another, saving you from a large shipping fee and making them easy to pack up should you move.

Packing them close together on the wall gives them a nesting effect. However, you can always arrange them individually according to your taste.


9. Fin Steel Wall Shelf




Fin painted steel shelf, reminiscent of a fin of a dolphin, is a minimalist shelf design that seems to float on the wall. Fin painted steel modular shelves making innovative design arrangements possible.

More about Fin by German-based designers Neuland Paster & Geldmacher can be found here.


10. Cubist Wall Shelf


With a square metal frame and a suspended wooden pot, this free-floating shelf is a great accessory for a modern home. The narrow black shelf is ideal for holding small items like keys, and the wooden pot is great to use as a pen-holder.

The Cubist Wall Shelf is attached to the wall by a bracket, so you can easily slip it off the holder if you want to move it.


11. Ghost Steel ShelfGhost Shelf white




With a design this slim, you’ll barely even know it’s there. The Ghost Shelf is a paranormal feat of architecture that creates a pocket of shelving on any wall you need it to. There’s nothing overly fancy in this minimalist design; it quietly holds your favorite books or figurines with no complaint.

Several shelves can be bunched together to make a ladder of storage shelves, but the Ghost Shelf is perfectly at home on its own.


12. Noa Menor


Noa shelves


Sleek and refined, the Noa Menor makes its debut as a one-of-a-kind modular wall shelf. Rather than using bulky bookends that weigh down on the shelves’ supports, the Noa Menor uses a thin sheet of metal curled into a smooth end.

Your books and knick knacks will stay securely on the shelf’s flat surfaces without the need to worry about them sliding off. You don’t have to stop at just two shelves; create an entire shelving system with multiple Noa Menors.


13. Menu Gridy Shelf





The Gridy Shelf gracefully mimics the common flora seen in deep woods where mushrooms sprout innumerably among the trees. Although the name itself sounds less than appealing, this modern shelving option couldn’t be more beautiful.

Each shelf appears to be growing right out of your wall, hovering in mid-air while holding books, pictures and more on its stable body. Give your home the look and feel of a magic forest with this whimsical shelf.


14. Cubbi Shelf Set




Are you living in a small space and don’t want to clutter up your floor with a gigantic bookshelf? Nexxt Cubbi Shelves by Linea don’t just free up floor space, they hover in mid-air! Nexxt is made up of three wooden frames of varying sizes and mounted easily to your wall.

They’re clean, bright and easy to install. No assembly is needed; they’re ready to go right out of the box! Put whatever knick knacks you want on them to create the appearance of floating shelves. It’s an impressive, space-saving sight.


15. Blow A Shelf and Blow B Shelf




No, the walls are not melting. They decorated with the Blow shelf system, an innovative new design that isn’t constricted by set shapes and molds. The designers really thought out of the box with this one.

Its bent edges and folds will look amazing on your wall whether you have anything on the shelves or not. The Blow Shelf System is a great alternative to boring, ordinary shelves. Say goodbye to “blah,” and hello to “blow!” Your walls will never be the same.


16. Cappellini Shelves




This is the one instance where saying your house looks like a museum is a good thing. Reminiscent of glass cases housing precious objects, the Cappellini Shelves are your very own work of art. The steel frame doesn’t have any glass, but it looks as though you’re peering through the shelf to view its contents.

Even better are the bright colors the shelves’ frames come in: bold blue, riveting red and a creamy butter hue. Showcase anything you like atop these modular wonders.




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