Anemos Space Saving Table Set

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Anemos Space Saving Table Set: Just about every type of furniture piece could be a ninja in disguise, but it’s this one that we find particularly intriguing. The Anemos table has four seats tucked away beneath its surface.




Much like Japanese kotatsu tables, Anemos space saving table set uses soft cushioning paired with spacious leg room that lets you cozy up to the edge of the table, sans the heated blanket.




The seats look as if they have been sliced out of the table’s form, and once you’re done using them, they slide back in where no one will even know they’re there.                                                                                                                You may also like these “Meditation Chairs and Benches“.


anemos space saving table set


It’s a space-saving invention that will impress your family, friends, clients and more. Learn more about ANEMOS by Cappellini.



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