8 Meditation Chairs & Benches

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Meditation is a healthy and calming way of relieving stress, but it can be murder on your knees. Kneeling for long periods of time doesn’t have to be painful! Try out one of these meditation chairs or benches and you’ll feel the difference, allowing you to achieve tranquility without the distraction of physical pain.


1. CENZEN Bamboo Floor Seat

meditation bamboo floor seat

Fans of Japan and Japanese furniture will adore this bamboo meditation chair. A natural bamboo frame and a thin (but comfortable) cushion are the perfect pairing for everyday meditation sessions.

To use, simply sit on the CENZEN Bamboo Floor Seat Chair in a cross-legged position. The bamboo frame can support up to 220 pounds despite the chair’s small size (which is also available in large).


2. BLUECONY IKUKO Original Meditation Bench

wooden meditation bench

BLUECONY’s IKUKO Meditation Bench comes in three finishes (black, dark walnut, and natural), as well as three height preferences ranging from 6-8 inches high. Not only will this meditation bench help protect your knees from the wear and tear normally acquired by the cross-legged position, but it will also improve your posture.

You’ll be able to slip more easily into a meditating mindset, allowing the bench to guide your body into the proper position so that you can get more out of your sessions. Both legs detach for travel as well.


3. Still Sitting Nomad Meditation Bench

curved meditation seat

Aesthetic can be just as important as the meditation practice itself when it comes to finding your zen. That’s why Still Sitting’s Nomad Meditation Bench was designed.

Not only is it visually appealing and uniquely designed, it is a durable and hardworking bench that provides a wealth of comfort thanks to its curved seat and sturdy Norwegian build. Nomad’s height adjustment feature is a huge bonus, as well as its portability.


4. FOM Extra Large Meditation & Yoga Chair

meditation and yoga chair

Some people need a little extra cushioning to get comfortable during meditation, and this chair has plenty of it.

FOM’s Meditation Chair is practically made out of just cushioning aside from its metal frame, making it ideal for older generations who seek adequate support and comfort not found in typical meditation chairs. FOM is also lightweight for easy transport, comes with a free carrying bag, and can be used by anyone 6’2″ and under.


5. Alexia Meditation Seat

good posture meditation seat

For full body support, the Alexia Meditation Seat is the best you can get. This hand-crafted meditation seat with built-in metallic skeleton molds to every curve of your body.

The ergonomically correct cushion helps improve your posture for the perfect seated lotus pose, enhancing your relaxation for meditation time. The cushion is firm enough to support while being soft enough for a truly luxurious feel. Available in [vegan] leather, in fabric and in different colors


6. Ungloo Box Meditation Floor Chair

meditation floor chair with backrest

For those who need firm support for their back, Ungloo Box’s Meditation Floor Chair is an excellent choice. A raised cushion on a solid wooden box with a backrest provides a sturdy and comfortable place to meditate, while the slanted front cushions allow your legs to rest effortlessly in the lotus position.

There’s even a floor pad for your feet and ankles! Every part stores neatly into the box and can be easily transported via the handles on the side.


7. Waterglider International Meditation Bench

Waterglider meditation bench

True craftsmanship can be seen in this beautiful Meditation Bench from Waterglider International. Unlike other meditation benches, this model features curved legs that permit the user to angle the bench appropriately by tilting or rocking.

Despite the lack of a folding feature, users can easily transport the bench to meditation classes or yoga sessions (the bench weighs only three pounds).


8. Florensi Meditation Bench

folding portable bamboo meditation bench

Longer meditation sessions can get pretty uncomfortable if you don’t have the proper seating and posture. Florensi aims to make meditation as fluid and comfortable as possible with its ergonomic design and ultra-portability.

Florensi Meditation Bench comes with a removable cushion, folding legs, and a bamboo frame supported by heavy duty hinges. The bench does not come with a foot mat of its own, but it pairs well with most types to alleviate pressure on your legs and knees. Florensi even comes with its own travel bag!


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