Transformable Pouf Chair Combo: Make Three Seats Out of One!

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one chair plus two removable ottomans

Quite unique if you ask me, this pouf chair combo. In other words, a chair of which the cushions consist of poufs that you can take off. How great is that? This way you can convert the chair into a triple piece set.

The worst part of moving is, without doubt, the furniture. One often wishes one could teleport it into place, but the reality is less simple.


The Dango pouf chair combo is the result of many frustrating trips up and down stairs, carrying bulky dressers and awkward sofas.


Dango is designed to be transported with minimal effort. Lightweight and heavily cushioned, it also features removable ottomans for additional seating.


You can have friends and family over before you’ve even unboxed everything else because Dango gives seating to your closest friends.


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Simply slip the poufs back onto the chair when you’re done for easy clean-up.

We love this innovative type of furniture. Dango pouf chair combo is a highly practical and yet great looking piece that we would dub the nickname:  Trismegistus, meaning “Thrice-Great”.

Keep in mind that this cleverly designed piece of furniture is not in production but is just that, a design. Meaning it’s only available as a 3D model.

More info about the Dango Armchair at designer Agnieszka Kowal.


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