Titot Elephant Chair And Table

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Korean design firm Titot have made a name for themselves in their home country creating kids furniture with a cute feel.



Their Elephant Chair and Table, by designer Hyunsoo Choi, is no exception.

Another example of children’s furniture with a fun look is The Walrus Family by Nimio.



This adorable piece, featuring a chair with a rounded back and cut-outs for eyes, ears and a trunk, is distinguished by the cute cushion that is moulded to the chair.




The cushion protrudes from the back of the chair to create the impression of an elephant’s trunk.




The table component of this furniture set is designed to emulate an elephant’s ears, so that when put together, the child looks to be sitting backwards on top of an elephant, painting, drawing or reading.

Do you want to see more versatile furniture for kids? Look it up at vurni.



The Elephant Chair and Table is available at Petit & Small.



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