8 Amazing Kids’ Cardboard Furniture Pieces

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Sustainability starts at a young age. Kids’ cardboard furniture lets you teach your little one the importance of renewable materials, but there’s also some pretty neat cardboard furniture out there! Check out these awesome finds that showcase just how beautiful kids’ cardboard furniture can be.


1. Easy Playhouse

cardboard playhouse for your kids

It can be hard work building a playhouse for your kids, measuring and cutting cardboard, then decorating and renovating. Easy Playhouse takes the work out of this task and still lets your kids design the playhouse of their dreams.

Easy Playhouse comes as a blank canvas in the shape of a cardboard house; children can paint, draw and doodle their hearts out on all four walls and the roof.


2. Kenno Cardboard Chair

kids cardboard furniture

kids cardboard chair

The Kenno Chair is the ultimate canvas for your child’s individuality. Acting as both furniture and a drawing board, designer Heikki Ruoh lets your child customize the look of their cardboard furniture.

It comes in both adult and kid sizes so that you and your child can match; it will make them feel like they’ve got a seat at the big kids’ table! This kids’ cardboard furniture comes in the design of a seat or a small table.


3. Paper Cave

kids cardboard playhouse

kids cardboard playhouse

When I was a kid, I always wanted my parents to get me a giant box as a hideaway. I wish something like the Paper Cave was around back then! Paper Cave is cardboard furniture in the shape of a playhouse.

Complete with windows and a peephole, this fortress is also completely customizable. Your child can paint on it, draw on it – whatever their imaginations come up with.


4. Melissa & Doug Building Blocks

kids cardboard building blocs

Melissa & Doug’s Jumbo Cardboard Blocks are a fantastic and imaginative way to help your child develop crucial motor skills. The blocks can hold up to 150 pounds and come pediatrician-recommended. Your child will have a blast building their next castle or fort.


5. FUNTRESS Kids Desk Chair Set

kids cardboard desk and chair set

When people think of kids’ cardboard furniture, they worry about what will happen if it gets wet. Cardboard folds like a paper bag when it gets soaked, right? Not this cardboard furniture!

The FUNTRESS Kids Desk Chair Set is made of thickened cardboard, suitable for ages 3-11 years and holds up to 120 lbs. It’s so strong that your small child can stand on it without it bending at all.


6. Finish It Yourself Chair

kids finish it yourshelf cardboard chair

kids FIY cardboard chair

If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you know about the phenomenon of DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Finish It Yourself by David Graas takes this one step further by letting the user cut out their own chair parts.

Two parts are already pre-cut, and it’s up to you and your kids to decide how you want to customize your chair. This is a great skill-building opportunity for the both of you!


7. Nemammya Kids Panda Stool

cardboard panda stool for kids

cardboard panda stool for kids

Cute and clever, Nemammya’s Panda Stool will spark your child’s imagination and allow them the creativity they crave. This stool encourages your child to decorate it themselves.

Nemmamya comes as a blanket canvas with only a panda design. It assembles quickly from six pieces of sustainable corrugated cardboard (which is also recyclable) and can hold up to 176 pounds.


8. Kids Imagination Furniture

kids cardboard furniture

kids cardboard furniture

This kids’ cardboard furniture looks AMAZING. It almost appears to be covered in leather, but nope… it’s cardboard! Kids Imagination Furniture is a prime example of cardboard furniture that proves sustainability doesn’t have to be ugly.

In fact, it looks better than most kids’ furniture that you see in big box stores and online retailers. It’s enough to make you jealous of your kids because they have a cooler desk than you. Score one for Mother Earth!


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