Fatboy Junior, Bean Bag For Kids

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Fatboy is a flexible piece of furniture in more ways then literally. The bag meets the body of kids when sitting or lying down, which gives a comfortable sensation. Kids are the ultimate furniture durability test. They jump, pull, drag, and play. All day.


Bean bags have become increasingly comfortable items in the lives of both adults and children. We use them to sit or lie down or just for fun. Bean bags are off all times.

From the wild seventies to our modern day. Fabrics and motifs have changed but their purpose has remained the same the past decades.



Who doesn’t like beanbags. Especially children, with their playful nature enjoy these not only as furniture but as toys too. They make great tools for all kinds of games that spark the youthful imagination.



The Fatboy Junior conforms to the body of the child that it sits or lies, which gives a comfortable sensation. Children can sit on it, read, watch TV, nap and what not actually



Fatboy is a must for families in particular. It invites you to play more, hug more, and children can enjoy themselves at all. What’s great that they are spill proof (a must for children’s furniture) and can be used outdoors as well.



The beanbag has a sturdy nylon waterproof cover which is filled with polystyrene beads. Available in many beautiful colors. Order at Amazon.



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