The Edge Desk: Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Desk


As long hours drafting designs and sketching art pieces go by, your back begins to take a beating. Improper posture and the wrong chair or desk can wreak havoc on your spine.


The Edge Desk


The Edge Desk aims to take care of this problem with its ergonomic design and flexibility. Instead of a regular sitting position, the user kneels on plush cushions while the seat allows the spine to rest comfortably.


The Edge Desk: Kneeling Chair Desk


The desk surface can be adjusted both in height and angle to give you the customized work position you need.


The Edge Desk Kneeling Chair


Folding down the desk lets you easily transport it from room to room when you’re on the go or in need of a change of scenery.


The Edge Desk: Kneeling Chair Desk


Read more about this ergonomic adjustable kneeling desk and chair:          The Edge Desk.


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