17 Stylish Space-Saving Pet Furniture Pieces

Pet furniture galore. But elegant, fashionable furniture for your pet and you is harder to find. Therefore we’ve compiled a small selection of space efficient furniture that houses your pet while serving another function too.

Another requirement is that the items look pretty too. No oldfashioned, ‘American Freight-like’ furnishings here. Chic pieces you and your furry friend want to be seen with. Or in or next too.


1. Katris Modular Cat Tree


While most cat trees look like tacky carpet-covered towers, Katris brings elegance back to the pet industry. This environmentally-friendly, modular cat tree lets your cat have their playtime while adding elegance and refinement to your home.

Katris comes in a variety of color options to blend right in with your other furniture, so you never have to worry about it looking tacky. It also doubles as a cat scratcher!


2. The Missy Cave



Your furry friend deserves only the best, but why should you have to sacrifice precious space to accommodate bulky cat trees and blanket forts? Try using the Missy Cave!

This geometrical wonder comes in sizes for both cats and dogs and allows them to find a cozy spot to nap while you reap the benefits. The top of the Missy Cave functions as a neat side table. Just place it next to a couch, chair or bed and let your furball snooze away.


3. Nidin Coffee Table Pet Shelter



Your dog or cat safe and near you? Choose the Nidin coffee table with shelter.
Nidin is a multifunctional coffee table that doubles as a bed for your pet.
The table, covered with an ergonomic cushion, consists of seven geometric pieces based on Japanese origami, which are assembled with elastics.

More info and order at Fabbricabois.


4. Rocking-2-gether Chair



Your pet usually ends up sitting under your chair or a nearby table anyway, so why not design a chair that’s for both of you? The Rocking-2-gether Chair by Paul Kweton is a hybrid rocking chair and dog/cat house.

The birch plywood chair sports a little shelf underneath for your furry friend to to sit and rock with you.


5. Juno Cat Litter Box



This 2-in-1 box works as a hidey-hole or a litter-box holder. It has a round hole in the front so your cat can get in and out, and legs to hold it off the ground so you can easily clean around it.

If you choose to use it as a kitty toilet, the manufacturers will ship you a litter box with exactly the right dimensions. The Juno Cat Litter Box is made from birch plywood that has been humidity-proofed and sealed with lacquer, so you can also use the flat top as a side table.


6. Couch Pet Bed



Your fur baby has always had their own special spot on the couch, but now you can provide a truly royal perch with the Jobar Couch Pet Bed. Not only does it give your pet the five star treatment he or she deserves, it also helps keep pet hair from getting all over your furniture.

You can fit it easily onto a couch, armchair or kitchen chair, wherever your pet likes to take an afternoon nap or watch the game.


7. The MINI Cabinet


This dual-purpose side table also provides a peekaboo hideaway for your treasured pet.

Whether you wish to use it to disguise and hide your pet litter pan, or whether you wish to use it as a playful house that your furry friend can escape to, this sleek and modern MINI Cabinet will leave both you, and your cat, completely satisfied.


8. Dog House Sofa



Following the same thought, we present you “Dog house Sofa”. Dogs like to snuggle up in an enclosed compartment just like their human counterparts like to chill on the sofa.

These two preferences are combined in this multipurpose sofa. Dog House Sofa is part of a collection by pet furniture brand ”mpup” and is designed by Seungji Mun.


9. Pet Cave by Sakura Adachi



Pretty stylish, this Campeggi shelving system with integrated dog house. Pet Cave is it called and it’s designed by Sakura Adachi. Go grab one at Campeggi.


10. Garden Dog House Planter



This modern innovative dog house “Garden” doubles as a big planter. This polished concrete piece by the French Company Loft Dog is very suitable for terrace and garden and suitable for dogs uptil 10 kgs.

The dog house-planter is leightweight, water-resistant and available in many different colors.


11. Pet Ottoman



The Pet Ottoman is half footstool, and half pet bed. There’s an opening in the front for your pet to get in and out, with a cushioned top to act as coffee table or footrest.

Large enough for a big cat or small dog, pets love the cosy ottoman. The top is removable for easy cleaning, and the whole thing is sturdy enough for a small person to sit on.


12. The Hammock, glass coffee table




We all know how cats are. You never know whether they will actually use the seat we intend for them. Not a problem with Hammock. The stainless steel and glass table by Koichi Futatsumata featuring a hammock can also be used to store some of your stuff.

Chances are that as soon Bella sees you putting your magazines and remote in there she wants in. That´s why we like our cats so much right?


13. hammock Bed



The same concept but then under a chair. This hammock provides your cat or  little dog a special cozy place.  What’s great about it is that thanks to its strap design it fits under practically any chair.

It doesn’t slip and helps you keep your home clean. Find out more about this handy Hammock Bed.


14. Puppy Kennel bed




Not direct multifunctional this Puppy Kennel Bed but since these fashionable egg-shaped pet beds fit so great in the contemporary or even futuristic home we deemed it worthy of adding it to this list. Fifi or Max can cuddle and snuggle with their blanket inside and there’s no need for an oldfashioned dog basket.

In some places most contemporary dog baskets just don’t fit. Aesthetically that is. We think pEIPod for small dogs and cats will really tie the modern room together.


15. Bloq Pet Bed Side Table Combo



Like to keep your pet close when you sleep but have Bello on or in your bed is just one step too far? Bloq Pet Bed Side Table might be the perfect solution for you and your furry friend. Cozy without tickling fur, drooling or wet noses during shuteye.  More info at Binq Design.


16. Plant Hidden Litter Box



You may not be able to get rid of the smell completely, but you can certainly hide the litterbox. The Plant Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff aims to make your home both aesthetically pleasing and relatively odor-free.

Inside an inconspicuous potted plant is a large litter box that will fit any kitty, big or small. It also has a filtered vent system to stop strong odors in their tracks.


17. Cat Litter Box & Side Table




Philociety Solid Wood Cat Litter Box is a small-sized, sturdy and well-designed natural wood product, that can fit in any apartment as a stylish side table. This 2-in-1 box works as a hidey-hole or a litter-box holder.

Whether you wish to use it to disguise and hide your pet litter pan, or whether you wish to use it as a playful house that your furry friend can escape to, this sleek and modern box will leave both you, and your cat, completely satisfied.


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