17 Stylish Overlapping Coffee Tables

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Beside the functional aspect; saving space and optimal adaptability, there’s another blissful benefit of overlapping coffee tables. What’s that? You may ask. Well, they are genuine lookers. Their chic-modern designs let you create variable, almost sculpture-like setups in your home.

The stylish variety of positions, form, color, materials, their wrapped surfaces, ensure a stunning mix of eye-pleasing furniture that allow you the possibility to extend depending on your needs.

And yes, we already said it, by nesting and re-arranging these 17 overlapping coffee tables are highly practical too.


1. Nathan James Bodhi Nesting Coffee Tables

Overlapping tables with classic hairpin legs

These two Nathan James Bodhi Nesting Tables are proof that opposites attract. One table is finished in glistening faux white marble, the other a rich walnut color.

Both tables tuck neatly together to create a larger tiered table that can function as an end table, coffee table, or just somewhere to gather around. Each table features the classic hairpin legs common to mid-century modern pieces.


2. Standhaft Side Tables

Overlapping shape-blocked side tables

shape-blocked overlapping side tables

These shape-blocked side tables are the perfect addition to any home. Whether your home boasts a more modern appeal, or whether your home talks of a more enlightened regard, the Standhaft Side Tables are functional, sleek, and different for the eye to take in.

Dedicated to usefulness and uniqueness, these expertly-designed tables are the perfect addition to any home.


3. Rock Family Of Tables


Organic formed overlapping tables

Sturdy. Reliable. Natural. These are all essential elements to great modern design, and Sancal’s organic form has all three Rock Tables. This clever little table looks perfectly at home in any environment and provides a stable design element that keeps your feng shui in balance.

Variations of Sancal’s design can easily nest into each other to form larger configurations in order to customize your décor.


4. VASAGLE Nesting Coffee Tables

You’ve only got room for one end table, but you need a bit more. Why not use these space-saving VASAGLE Nesting Tables? Three tables nestle close together when not in use and can be separated to provide three spacious surfaces for books, drinks, remote controls, and other essentials for lounging.

VASAGLE assembles in just ten minutes and has an attractive industrial design featuring vintage wood and solid iron legs. Bring these out when you want them, and then nest them up together. You can never go wrong with functional, space-saving furniture that is as sleek and modern as these tables.


5. Leisure Space 3-Piece Metal Table Set

Metal overlapping table set

Leisure Space has designed a table set that truly goes with every decor scheme by doing just one thing: making it black. Its classic color, paired with an equally classic and minimalist design, make these tables suitable for just about any household use.

The Leisure Space 3-Piece Metal Table Set can be purchased in a variety of sizes as well. Use the tables clustered together for dramatic effect, or scatter them throughout the room as individual pieces.                                              Don’t miss these Faux Marble Coffee Tables.


6. Cell Table

Luscious colored overlapping side tables

Amazing overlapping side tables

The Cell Table Collection is the perfect meld of plant cell shapes and chic modern design. This overlapping side table uses the form of microscopic organisms and infuses them into the very frame, successfully creating a completely organic experience for the discerning furniture enthusiast.

Pair the table with a series of household plants and exotic blooms to bring out the best in this nature-themed piece. Four luscious colors give you a range of options for décor.


7. Rivet Mid-Century side Tables

Mid-century overlapping side tables

The appeal of wood mixed with metal has its roots in the mid-century modern movement, and this glamorous pairing hasn’t lost its beauty over the decades.

Rivet’s Mid-Century Nesting Tables use warm brass tones and golden walnut veneer to brighten up your living room and add a sense of charm. Their space-saving design means they can be stacked when not in use and stored in tight spaces. See also these similar table sets from PAK HOME.


8. Accursio Table

Overlapping side tables with shapes ranging from classic round to sharply-edged rectangles

Overlapping side tables with different shapes

The Accursio Coffee Table family is a diverse one, with shapes ranging from classic round to sharply-edged rectangles. Don’t worry – you don’t have to choose between them if you don’t want to.

Each table is designed to work in unity with its other components for seamless interaction with the world around it. A variety of color options are available that let you mix and match bold bursts of sultry shades.


9. Slim Irony – Oval

Steel overlapping nesting coffee tables

The Slim Irony Coffee Table is quite the quirky character, as you may be able to tell from its name. The table comes in two variations, each of them working in conjunction with the other to create a multi-tiered coffee table that never fails to impress.

Your next dinner or garden party will look as fancy as it feels when you use this coffee table for snacks, meals and dessert. Overlapping side tables are practical and space saving. See also these Slide under the Sofa Side Tables.


10. Levels

Robust solid oak overlapping coffee tables

Robust oak overlapping coffee tables

The serene design of the Levels coffee tables is something to behold. Solid oak stands firm while glass glistens atop each broad table surface. Three tables, each with different heights, slide apart when needed to form separate tables with independent functions.

You can arrange them together in a variety of positions depending on your mood and floor space. The soft, raw color of the oak and mat glass will fit in to any environment, regardless of other furniture.


11. Solapa

Overlapping coffee tables with rounded corners

Overlapping coffee tables with rounded corners and tapered legs

With their rounded corners and tapered legs, these coffee tables have a modern look with a touch of mid-century panache. The dark walnut veneer finish gives them a smoking-room style.

Solapa Coffee Tables are available in two heights, 30cm and 36cm: choose just one that’s the right height to go with your sofa, or mix-and-match them together for variety.



Bamboo nesting coffee table set

What charming overlapping tables! The BAMEOS Bamboo End Table Set have a refreshing modern look that brightens up your living room instantly. Smooth surfaces attached to slim bamboo legs are the simple genetic makeup of this clever set, and I’m already in love.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors and also available in a round-table top version. Who wouldn’t love having these little darlings in their space? Interested? See these 3 Different types of Space Saving Coffee Tables.


13. 381-Torei

Overlapping steel tables with different shapes

Overlapping tables with different shapes and colors

The 381 Torei side table collection is a clever circus of fun shapes and distinct multifunctionality. Each element is completely unique; no two look alike, and, in fact, none of them need be used in the same way.

The height and length of each table give way to numerous possibilities, like a coffee table for an afternoon reading or a side table to perch a series of novels on. You’ll never be bored with this entertaining furniture series.


14. Syro Table

Overlapping side tables with swirls and lines in de table top

Overlapping side tables with swirls and lines in de table top

The Syro table feels as if you’ve sliced off the edge of an ancient fossil and carved it into the perfect side table. Unique grooves grace the surface of each variation, creating a dynamic focal point that you can use to your advantage.

Family and friends can’t help but admire the design, but the Syro Table also makes for great office furniture, although work productivity may suffer as you get lost in the table’s swirls and lines.


15. Duplex Side Tables

Duplex overlapping side tables

Duplex overlapping side tables

It’s close quarters with the Duplex side tables. Designed to evoke the spirit of modern art, Duplex takes a bold stance by giving you everything you need in a coffee table while performing various other functionalities.

Maybe your living room needs an eye-catching centerpiece, or perhaps you’ve been dying to redecorate your office space. Duplex by MUT Design Studio is at home in every room of the house; there’s no going wrong with such a contemporary work of art.


16. Galet Bistro Tables

3 Overlapping small kitchen tables

The Galet Bistro Table brings to mind the imagery of nature with its pebble-shaped design. This ergonomic table is big enough for two, so you and your significant other can cuddle up with a couple mugs of hot chocolate on the couch.

Whether you use this table in the living room or as a small kitchen dining table, its spacious surface makes the Galet Bistro Table a tasty and stylish addition to your home.


17. Collage Tables

Overlapping rearrangeable side tables with different colors

Overlapping rearrangeable side tables

Subtlety is not the name of the game when it comes to the Collage Table Series by Alain Gilles. Using bold shapes and striking geometrical imagery, Collage performs and captivates while providing the functionality you crave from your furniture.

Each table piece is a performer unto itself, but the true orchestra of symmetry occurs when all components are placed together. Collage’s form isn’t confined by a connecting frame, so you can rearrange for new and striking poses whenever it suits you.



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