21 Coffee Tables With (Hidden) Storage Space


1. Redstone White Coffee Table


Redstone White Coffee Table lets you easily and quickly adjust its height. So you can use this table both as a traditional coffee table or as a laptop workstation. Moreover, this table has inside storage space.

Apart from creating your little home office from the comfort of your couch the Redstone table also makes a great table to have dinner from. A cleverly design.


2. SCandinavian Style Coffee Table





As if the Scandinavian Style Coffee Table wasn’t amazing already, you’ll be delighted to know that it’s actually three tables in one. A spine holds three rotating tiers that you can swing around for a variety of table positions, letting you customize your environment to suit your needs at any given moment.

Cozy up with a novel or a hot mug of coffee while you use the table’s surface as a laptop stand. The possibilities are unlimited!


3. CHIVA with Built-in Storage


Chiva modern coffee table




Chiva coffee table can be turned into a dining table when space is limited. The storage spaces are hidden under the tabletop that can be lifted. The table is made of MDF and tempered glass and available in different colors, as oak veneer, white glass and brushed steel. The veneers have a coating of lacquer.

Interested? Look it up at Bo Concept.


4. Turning Table with swivel tabletop






Don’t be fooled by its innocent appearance – the Turning Coffee Table is hiding a world of storage beneath its polished surface. Raw in design and made with tough, natural oak, the Turning Table matches any décor perfectly with its muted coloring.

Simply push the lid sideways to reveal the storage underneath. The lid rotates on one of the tables legs, making it durable and dependable, and no cogs or latches are necessary.


5. Batea M Coffee Table




No matter how tidy you keep your home, junk always seems to accumulate on the living-room table. This mid-size coffee table has a hidden secret: take off the top, and underneath there’s a shallow tray to hold your goods.

The tray is deep enough to hold things like remote controls or magazines, but shallow enough to preserve the minimalist lines of the table. Learn more about the Batea M Coffee Table.


6. MOVE with Self-Closing DrawersMove-coffee-table



MOVE Coffee Table , a highly customizable coffee table, is constructed from a combination of American walnut and glass. The drawers are equipped with invisible self-closing slow-motion slides which shut gently and silently.

The coffee table is available in two sizes. There is a large choice of walnut wood veneer and lacquer colors.


7. Times 4 Coffee Table





The convenience of kitchen cupboards with spinning racks is something many have wished they could bring to their living room storage. Now you can with the Times 4 Coffee Table! Its pie chart design splits the inside of the table into four compartments, and the ¾ circle design conceals or reveals your storage space only when you want it to. It’s incredibly clever. However, it leaves us wondering why no one’s thought of it before!

Check it out at Gonçalo Campos Studio.


8. Bon-Bon Coffee Table

Bon-Bon Storage Table



The Bon-Bon Coffee Table isn’t your grandad’s lackluster chest of drawers. It’s a new and innovative way to express yourself through decoration, and it’s highly functional to boot! Each Bon-Bon is available with right-opening or left-opening drawers cased in a sleek, shiny frame.

They’re also stackable (up to six units) and can stand alone as a room centerpiece that will catch everyone’s gaze. Choose white for a cleaner look, or you can pick red to spice things up a bit.


9. HAT Side Table




Don’t be fooled by this mild-mannered table; underneath this quaint disguise is a wealth of opportunity for storage and functionality. The Hat Side Table scoops up all your knick knacks and hides them away under its top tray.

No one will even know it’s there! On top, you’re free to let it hold your cup of coffee or prized glass vase, perhaps even your favorite novel or magazine


10. MAITA  has two retractable halves



Maita by Leolux is a stylish and functional coffee table with a concealed storage compartment that appears when you slide the leaves apart.

The steel storage compartment has broad oak edges which provide extra table surface. The top coat is available in the colors anthracite, white or grey and the oak edges of the leaf are oiled white, natural oil or stain.


11. Magazine BIN a Piece of Craftsman Work






Magazine BIN is a coffee table with storage for books and magazines. It consists of a metal sheet folded into a three-dimensional bin, associated with a metal tray that fits perfectly over the opening.

On top of the metal tray is a tray of timber which can be lifted. This tray top has a nice panel in black light or dark wood veneer and can serve as a worksheet while sitting on the couch. Magazine Bin is designed by Roderick Vos.


12. Ya Ya Coffee Table with Tray






It’s not every day that you see a drink stand transform into a full-on bar. Truth be told, you could use it for storage of anything you like, but the Ya Ya Coffee Table looks its most glamorous when used as a retro bar setup.

A beautiful walnut tray slides smoothly off the top to reveal ample space inside the table. It’s room enough for all the essentials, and the lacquered sides make it easy to fill with ice for chilled drinks without ruining the paint job. Go to the CB2 website for more information.


13. KAI TABLE reveals Numerous Hidden Storage Compartments






The Kai Table, inspired by the traditional Japanese puzzle boxes himitsubako, has a bevy of mini chambers and sections that lends itself extremely to tidy up a messy table top.

Into the various compartments can be kept several items of everyday life. This very surprising table with open drawers and sliding panels is made of plywood with coated Tilia Japonica.

Designed by Naoki Hirakoso and Takamitsu Kitahara.


14. ioHomes coffee Table with drawers




This elegant table with its round corners is constructed of fiber board and wood with walnut veneer and it has sturdy chromed legs.

There are and two pocket drawers and a lower shelf that provides sufficient storage space for books, albums and other items. Your room gets a chic makeover with this sleek and stylish ioHomes Coffee Table.


15. Vanity with Storage Space On and Underneath the Platforms







The Vanity coffee table by Linteloo has eight platforms for various sized magazines and offers the possibility to create a weekly varying table top. Thus the coffee table reflects the style and interests of its owner. One platform includes a wooden panel which can be used to place a vase of flowers, a coffee cup or left unused.

However the Vanity coffee table is also available with complete wood inlay. Underneath is space for various books or magazines. The frame is made of black powder coated steel and the inlay of black frake or ebony wood.

The Vanity table is designed by Roderick Vos for Linteloo.


16. Lift-Top Coffee Table






Is your coffee table so low that you creak and groan when you lean forward to grab your coffee? Get a coffee table that’s on the same level with you, or get one that can do both!

The Gracelove Lift-Top Coffee Table is everything you want in living room furniture. Simply lift the top of the table to raise it. You can use it as a dinner tray or a makeshift workstation for you laptop.


17. MATCHBOX with Sliding Top






The sliding top reveals practical and functional storage compartments. Moreover, it reveals a larger top available in stainless steel or colored glass.

Matchbox, a modern coffee table from Schulte Furniture.


18. Whirl 3 Tier Coffee Table





The Whirl 3 Tier Coffee Table has rotating layers which can transform to be exactly as big as you need it to be. A compact and stacked table that provides plenty of storage space and keeps your living room tidy.


19. Brigada with Extended Upper Surface






The upper surface of the Brigada table is extended with adequate grooves, which extend until the floor, for storing newspapers, magazines and books. The outer color of the table is standard black, while the inner color can be tuned in consultation with the client.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    According to the designers:

“A coffee table is usually a place for temporary storage mostly of newspapers, magazines, books and papers, ending up as a real storage space and a small time capsule of different publications. Having that in mind, Brigada started designing a coffee table that would accomplish the same function in a more efficient way”.

Designed Croatia-based Studio Brigada.


20. Storage Table Multicolor


Storage Table




For the discerning decorator with a taste for vivacious color, the Storage Table Multicolor is everything you could ever dream of. Four multi-color trays are housed in a uniquely-designed oval shape that brings the room together in a harmonious display of feng shui.

Each tray has a different depth so you can store a variety of objects and organize more easily. Use it as a miniature dresser or cute coffee table with books hidden away in it for your livingroom.


21. FIORi with Shock Absorber Piston

mesa-de-centro-fiore emerago



Mesa de Centro Fiori has a great compartment for objects and is finished with varnish high protection and embossed, similar to natural wood blade. Made in Portugal and comes in the colors caramel / black. The dimensions: H 35 cm, D 60 cm, W 90 cm.




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