33 Freestanding Shelving Systems That Double As Room Dividers

Shelving systems that double as beautiful room dividers increase your home’s interior design possibilities. Situated tight against a wall, placed right-angled to it, or even completely freestanding, with limited effort, your interior’s appearance and function transform in a moment.

Considering the utter beauty of these shelving system-room divider combos, interior design nuts will want to rearrange them regularly. By creating a new spot for the piece, renewed focus makes these dazzling furniture pieces come even more to their right.

Just needing to create a room division to change clothes behind, make a work at home office spot in the living room, or another purely functional argument is valid too but let’s face it, these items transgress the functional, these are true works of art.

1. Z Modular System




As strong and sturdy as the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, the Z Modular System is built to last. Using triangle and pyramid shapes, this shelving system can grow from a single module to an entire shelving unit designed to hold a library of novels, decorations and knick knacks.

The stacking possibilities of the Z Modular System are endless, and users can rearrange the shelves in different configurations to suit their mood and space.


2. Balance Tall Shelving


The Balance Tall Shelving isn’t just a stunning addition to your home or office; it’s also a very useful and versatile furniture piece. The offset rows form a honeycomb pattern that lets you use both the storage cuboids and the negative space to fit in even more items.

The collection consists of distinctive storage pieces designed for use in a variety of living spaces.


3. Bricks Standing


I’m definitely one of those people who is proud of my book collection, but I’ve never had a really good display bookshelf. Well, if I ever get my hands on this brilliant piece, that’s exactly where my books are going.

Bricks Standing by Gerard De Hoop is a grid pattern bookcase that’s very selective in the amount of books it holds. If you have some classic novels, or you just want to show off your manga collection, they’ll be right at home here.


4. Shelf PIX With Drawers


Open, yet secretive. It kind of seems like a paradox of design, but Shelf PIX makes it work. The open concept of this unit’s broad shelves is perfectly balanced with closed cubbies for storing more sensitive items.

To make it more fun, you can choose colored cubbies to add a bit more cheer to a room; you can also customize how many shelves, rows and cabinets you’d like. What a sweet deal!


5. Plain Sectional Metal Bookcase


These modular, elegant shelving options boast a sleek finish while getting rid of the bulk of regular, present-day shelving for homes. You can mount the shelves at different heights to provide different designs with which to decorate your home, and the lightweight nature of the material is in strict contrast to how sturdy the product is.

Plain Bookcase is functional, lightweight, and easily designable to any home’s decor.


6. Woody Shelving System from oak and steel

Woody shelving


Woody high grey


Woody Shelving System is made of soap-treated oak sticks and powder-coated steel. The here shown is the largest of the Woody collection. The dimensions are h 77.5″ x w 81″ x d17.5″  (196.5 x 206.5 x 44.5cm).

Woody Shelving System looks light but has a very stable structure. The shelves come in three color combination’s, namely white and grey / white  / white and color. A superb product of Hay Denmark.


7. Simple Living Urban Room Divider

The urban landscape of the inner city is most definitely what inspired this beautiful room divider. Much like the towering skyscrapers with their large windows, the Simple Living Urban Room Divider rises to any occasion as a bookshelf, display shelf and centerpiece.

Place it up against a wall for an elegant holder for your favorite novels, or place it in the middle of a room to create new spaces.


8. Interval playful Bookshelf





Interval Bookshelf is a playful freestanding shelving system with an open base, a brass steel structure and solid maple wooden shelves. The dimensions are H 71.5 x L bottom 63 / top 45 x W 14 inches.

Look it up at designer and manufacturer Asher Israelow.


9. Naturoscopie I –Shelf with organic flowing lines





Naturoscopie I – Shelf, a shelf with organic and fluid lines, is made from carbon fibre, paint and soft touch varnish, aluminium honeycomb and copper.

French designer and interior architect Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance draws inspiration for its designs from basic structures found in nature. Are you interested in this extraordinary bookcase and room divider? Look it up here.


10. Sundial with movable dividers by KartellSundial-by-Kartell




Sundial, a bookcase that is encased in a glossy white or black frame and four shelves with movable opaline dividers set at different angles, like the shadow of a sundial.

With multiple units a much larger bookshelf can be created. Sundial can be placed against a wall or used as a room divider. Sundial is a versatile bookcase designed by Japanese Studio Nendo for Kartell. Are you interested? See more here.


11. Ingravitta with sleek horizontal lines





Ingravitta is a multifunctional modular shelf system and roomdivider with clean lines and emphasis on the horizontal aspect.

Consists of very thick horizontal shelves supported by a chromed steel rod structure with various storage options. More info at Spanish-based firm BK Contract.


12. Boogie Woogie Shelves






Boogie Woogie by Magis is a modular shelving system consisting of square elements that can be arranged to your own wishes and needs. The elements are available with or without back in the colors white, black and red.

The dimensions are l52 x h52 x d28 cm. By placing the elements back to back, you can create a deeper shelving system as a room divider. Check it out at Made in Design.


13. 526 Nuage by Charlotte Perriand




Designed by Charlotte Perriand, who lived from 1903 -1999, this bookcase still has a very modern feel and dynamic look through the changing volumes and spaces.

526 Nuage is available in high and low two-tone vertical partitions varnished in black and white and the sliding elements are in satin anodized aluminum.


14. Network



Network Bookcase


From the intricate fastening of wire frame and luxurious leather comes the Network shelving system. Its almost free-form style is open and makes a wonderful room divider, as well as an ample storage shelve. Several spaces of varying sizes add a flavor of variety to its minimalist design.

Each leather shelf is movable, giving you an endless array of options for shelving sizes and arrangement. You can change the look of your room with a simple switch. Check it out here.


15. Kallax MUltipurpose Shelving Unit





Your collection of novels can become a room centerpiece with the Kallax bookcase. Functioning as both a bookcase and room divider, the square slots in Kallax’s form can fit any variety of objects, giving you ample storage while saving space.

Kallax is an eye-catching furniture piece that stands out at all times, whether it’s fully decorated or bare. Multiple Kallaxes are easily stacked against each other to lengthen and expand its function.


16. TT3 with magnetic system





TT3 shelving system consists of several tall single columns and a corner unit with rectangular shelves in Italian walnut.

The shelves are inserted by a simple magnetic system and seem to float in a thin metal frame, available in black or pearl grey.

Due to the magnetic system the shelves can be placed where desired and subsequently moved. Each shelf can support a weight of up to 15 kilograms.
A magnificent design by Israeli designer Ron Gilad.


17. BookShelf by GAEAforms





Bookshelf by Gaeaforms, made of polyurethane foam, has a  composite shell and metal legs. This multifunctional shelving unit stands as a room divider. But not only creating a space for privacy this bookcase allows also for interaction among people.

Available in the colors: white, black, green, purple, navy blue, dark brown, red, turquoise, sand. Dimensions: d 30 x w 175 x h 160 cm.


18. Totem Bookcase cubist style





Much like the ancient piece of architecture it’s named after, the Totem Bookcase has a design that’s both mysterious and attractive. Mismatched lengths and a smooth lacquer finish make this modular bookcase a piece to be greatly desired.

Each shelf fits its angles against the next, creating a sturdy base and seamless interlocking, and shelves can also be flipped upside down for a more striking visual appeal.


19. Unicatum expressive design





Due to its expressive design and exceptional harmony of its lines Unicatum offers a variety of high level design options.

The Mondriaan-like floor elements and side panels are freely movable and combinable together with high-quality, colored glass elements, which allows you to create highly individual pieces of furniture. And all without the use of tools.

Designed by Nadia Zaoui & Bernd Müller for Manufacturer ANB art & design.


20. Modiste minimalist shelving system





Company Modiste Furniture presents the 900 series, of which especially the 902 and 903 are suitable as a room divider.

The modular shelving system is characterized by its clean cut lines, its sustainable materials and some hand made details.

Designed by Rotterdam-based interior architects Joeri Horstink & Jelle Baars.


21. Quad Bookcase “asymmetry in perfect symmetry”




Quad Bookcase designed by architect Nauris Kalinauskas for Lithuanian-based Design Studio Contraforma, is a modern and interesting bookcase that provides efficient storage space. More units can be linked together to create larger designs with more storage that meets your needs.

The shelves are made of plywood finished in melamine (black or white) and the back panels from HDF plate (any color). Quad is available in two versions Quad mini Shelf and Quad Oblong and in various color combinations.


22. SH05 Arie Bookcase





SH05 Arie Bookcase  is made of 25 mm thick solid wood or white powder-coated fibreboard and is suitable for both private and public interiors.

Available in two different heights Arie can be paired with multiple units

This practical shelving system with the minimalist look can be used in any modern living space. Designed by Arik Levy.


23. Romboidale Bookshelf geometric harmony





Romboidale Bookshelf by Pietro Russo, a stylish and functional design, creates a light division between two space ambients.

The uprights are is made of iron painted in black and cross pieces and legs in brushed brass.

The shelves made of birch plywood veneered with different wood: oak, maple, walnut. The maximum high is 300 cm.


24. FUN  with dividing elements





Fun by Bonaldo is an open bookcase that can be positioned side by side on the wall or in the center of the room. The irregularity of the spaces between the dividing elements creates a dynamic game of volume.

Fun bookcase in lacquered MDF is available in various sizes.


25. Séverin small and elegant Bookshelf





Séverin Bookshelf  designed by Alex de Rouvray, can be placed in a corridor, against a wall or can be used as a room divider in the middle of a room.

An elegant design winning bookcase with a huge storage capacity for small format books, DVDs and CDs.

Dimensions : H 175, W 65 and D17 cm.
Available in various color combinations.


26. Pause honeycomb Bookshelf





Pause Bookshelf by Aziz Sariyer is a one-piece structure made of panels of anodized honeycomb aluminum in your choice of either aluminum or matte black.

Characterized by clean lines and a recurrent geometric shape, Pause may be used horizontally or vertically.


27. Frames 2.0 open wooden shelving systemFrames-2.0

Frames-2.0 with metal containers

Frames 2.0 is built up of 12 wooden frames that can be used as free-standing cabinet or as a room divider. This makes them suitable to impose books or beautiful objects. The shelves have different widths, are open in the middle and offer exciting lines.

Special metal boxes can be hung in the open shelves, which may serve as a planter or for storing other stuff.

More info at Dutch designer and interior architect Gerard de Hoop.


28. Pearl Bookcase robust yet open





Due to its robust, yet open and airy feel Pearl Bookcase by Modloft can be used as a natural partition in the home.

A modern structure consisting of four solid hardwood planks and square, ladder-shaped chrome steel supports. Available in walnut, wenge or white lacquer finish.


29. Sir with orthogonal planes





Designer Ferruccio Laviani uses orthogonal planes to create storage spaces, thus received its surprising form.

Sir can be used against a wall or free standing to act as a room divider and is available in lacquer or various wood veneers.

More info at Italian-based company Emmemobili.


30. Opus Incertum funky shelving





The units of Opus Incertum can be used both indoors and outdoors as shelves or room dividers. Made from expanded polypropylene, a 100% recyclable material and available in white, black, grey, gold and orange.

By rotating and reversing the units many different configurations can be arranged. Each square unit measures 100 cm x 100 cm x 35 cm and weighs less than 4kg. Check it out here.


31. MoBile Bookcase for studio or space-conscious home






With a metal frame and eight open shelves shelves, the Mobile Bookcase is a perfect addition to your living room. It’s a sophisticated piece with a bit of old world charm, but its functionality wins out over any other qualities.

Not only does it have ample shelf space for all of your favorite novels, but it can also be used as a stunning room divider or display case. Nothing is out of the question for this capable shelving system.


32. Drizzle metal and glass





Drizzle by Galotti&Radice is composed of multiple metal elements that support and frame the shelves which are made of either transparent or frosted glass.

This stylish shelving system is available in various colourways and can be arranged in a virtually infinite number of configurations.


33. Slim Irony steel tubes and massive wood



There’s nothing wrong with a classic, and the Slim Irony Bookcase is just that. Lacquered wood and steel rod shelving make it easy for this shelving system to fit in with any décor. Don’t worry; you aren’t limited to placing only books on it.

It also works well for vases, house plants, and just about anything that you need up and out of the way. The diamond frame keeps the shelf from wobbling despite its sometimes bulky contents.

Hit up Made in Design to learn more.




14 Modular Bookshelf Systems


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